Loving memory of Elm

In Loving Memory
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Loving memory of Elm

Post by simba »

This is a thread for us all to remember a great man, Elm from #help

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Post by Eenie »

Elm, longtime #Help channel manager and Undernet friend, passed away Feb. 10, 2009. Our condolences go out to his family and the many friends he has left behind.

Undernet is a better place because of elm, and he will be sorely missed, but thought of often.

It is said the measure of a man is the mark he leaves behind in this world. Elm left a good one with Undernet, me, and many, many others.

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Post by MartYanu2 »

Undernet in the past few years lost many important people and let me call them 'founders' as they were. Great man, honest. May your soul be with God from this day forward, and may God bless your soul, Mac McDaniel (elm) - We'll miss you.

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Post by Dianaa »

may his soul Rest in Peace ( aameen )

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Post by Spidel »

rest in peace.

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Post by Blade »

May his soul rest in peace


Post by Lomax »

Elm was one of the oldest members from Undernet network, and he has been like a symbol for #Help channel because of his equilibrium and patience for many people. It's a hard to admit that such moments are happening randomly in our life, unfortunately he was a part of one of those moments these days.
Rest in peace, Elm!

Regards, Lomax.

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Post by xplo »

Rest in peace elm :(

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Post by Rufus »

But how did he died
But how did he live
But what did he gain
But what did he give.

These are the units to measure a worth
Of a man, regardless of birth.

May he rest in peace!

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Post by Sabin »

Elm will never be forgotten
Feels an empty space
Rest in peace Mac.


Post by peppi_ »

pitty that i didnt know u so much elm could have learned a lot from you. you where an inspiration to every one, u did a lot to undernet.To me #help is my second home u r all my family and thnks to you, eenie and the others i became a helper , see what u did. thanks elm we are gonna miss you. May you rest in piece


Post by Irrelevent »

Damn, i was only talking with him less then a week ago in #wastedyouth ... RIP Dear Friend.


Post by CSC-Voodoo »

We all thank you for the years of Service you gave Undernet and all it users. The lost of another great person is always Hard to Deal with . RIP my friend