Management of Undernet Network

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.
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Management of Undernet Network

Post by Nexus- »

Hello all !
I'm a new user of this forum and a old user of Undernet Network.
I see there are many post on this forum recounting the lack of moderation of the network.
You have one of the largest IRC Network of the Internet, why don't you tighten the rules ?
Why do not recruit new IRC operators and/or CS administror to help you for moderate the Network ?

Very good work for the devlopment of IRCu and GNUWorld and long live Undernet ;-)

Sorry if my english is poor, I'm French ;-)

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Post by Xaifas »

undernet doesent "lack in moderation"

its an unmoderated network, so what you say is pointless. :wink:

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Post by MrEen »

Or, put more politely. Undernet chooses to be an unmoderated network. Even if the majority of the users of the network wish to have some form of moderation, it will not happen unless/until the group of server admins running the network decide to make such a change. (Please keep in mind that a group, no matter how large, of protesters does NOT impact the decision of said server admins.)

Hope that's a little more helpful.
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