Undernet - What can we do to protect the network?

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.
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Re: Undernet - What can we do to protect the network?

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xplo wrote:
SIRavecavecCZ wrote:Yes WHIZZARD your network is going down, while you may enjoy #Hottub and other channels.
#1 its not WHIZZARD's network. its our network. we are the one complaining and trying to find useless solutions for it.
we are the one trying to put our foot down but in vain.

a network is owned by someone who cares about it, and who hang out in support channels like r-a usernames cservice, and who pays for it, but undernet is mostly running via sponsors.

in my point of view, this network is mostly owned by xplora kN and Rusteaux, cauz they are the one working their a$$ off aand trying to "protect the innocents"

i see them working every single day but not the others.

yeah some are hidden and doing a job in the shade, like DuCkTaPe (keep the hunt opened ;) )

just show yourself more often guys, and prove to us (simple users) that you are actually doing something to the network.
The number #1 quote of any network official, irc op, cservice official is "We are all guests here", obviously this means the server admins "own" the network. Everyone is just trying to find ways to make it better, and as with any large group, not everyone likes all the ways. There are many version of this phrase, but this one is appropriate to state here: You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time. (The most common version of the phrase has the word "fool" instead of the word "please").
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satishbhawra37 wrote:As thee ex cs staff used to say, "undernet will be better". I hope so!
Excuse my text errors.
"thee" - Respect!

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