Need to change Undernet's Posted AUP

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Need to change Undernet's Posted AUP

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Regarding a recent request for extra connections for an Internet business ([url][/url]:

Undernet's AUP states:
Limit connections to 3 per User or IP for Primary Access providers. This will be strictly enforced at 5 connections. Exceptions for *primary* internet access (netcafes, college dorms and a few others) can be requested by contacting;
On Mon. Aug 11, 2008, xplora states: isn't really the place to ask, you have to organise it with a server admin, you can find the admin contact details of the server you would like the extra connections on with /motd or /admin while connected to the server you would like the connections on.
Looks like (Undernet's posted AUP) needs to be changed.

I post this here, assuming this is the responsibility of the Undernet User Committee and in the hopes that representatives of that committee read this section of the forum.

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