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Post by kid »

Seems rather odd, haven't seen any new or interesting subjects to discuss lately. With all do respect towards the people using this forum, it's getting boring.

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Post by Kahr »

I do agree on that one. It might just be that there are too few people that bothers to participate. They register, but never post. To have the forums turn more lively, more talkactive users are required. There are limits to how much 5 active people can talk about and/or discuss. At least when we do not even shear the same interests.

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Post by OUTsider »

If you want activity, then go chat on a channel or go out and have a real life.
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Post by Saqib »

yes you are right!!!
Then we must discuss Poetry then i hope we will not feel bore ;)
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Post by _`_ »

and you think "discussing" poetry is not boring :roll:

*yawns and sleeps

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Post by Razvanet »

I do belive that Saqib's post was a sarcastic comment, and not that we are realy going to talk about poetry, at least that's the way i see it !

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Post by _`_ »

Haha yes you are right.. Lets talk about The World As I See It by Albert Einstein.

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Well one thing that I observed here is that the Undernet forum is mostly dedicated to technical issues (problems, suggestions etc.) .. One idea to attract users may be to introduce more general sections like Entertainment, Sports etc. (i.e. instead of having one 'General posts' section under 'General' .. each section is titled accordingly instead). Unless ofcourse you decide to let the forum have the appearance of a help spot rather than a discussion one. Just a thought !