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Post by zK »

[08:08] * GuArApAxAnGo ( has joined #cservice
[08:08] <GuArApAxAnGo> hi, some ircop here? i will like to offer 1 million dollar to buy domain.
[08:09] <@Bogdan-> yeee : With the ones that have a @ in front of the nicknames
[08:09] <Cyrux> GuArApAxAnGo why do you need one ?
[08:09] <GuArApAxAnGo> I want to own the network, so want to make an offer
[08:09] <Cyrux> GuArApAxAnGo what network ?
[08:09] <GuArApAxAnGo> this one
[08:09] <@Bogdan-> GuArApAxAnGo : Please send the check to Knorr Delikat, CP 6, OP 49, Bucharest, Romania and we will contact you afterwards
[08:09] <GuArApAxAnGo> i want to get it transfer to me
[08:10] <GuArApAxAnGo> hahahahahahahaha
[08:10] <Cyrux> hehe
[08:10] <GuArApAxAnGo> Romania..
[08:10] <GuArApAxAnGo> scamers there
[08:10] <GuArApAxAnGo> :P
[08:10] <@Bogdan-> Scammers there, opped here :)
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Post by KoGiTo »

<`mertzanu> pt helper cum ma pot oferi voluntar ?cu cine tre sa vb ?ce teste trebuie sa trec?cat o sa dureze pana la incorporare ?
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Post by Homer »

nice post zK :P.
Give me atleast 1/4 of them please, i really need them :P
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Post by zK »

[13:31] <Lost_in_Dark> mey
[13:32] <Lost_in_Dark> in cat timp se face transfer de pe un user cu acces de 500 pe altul?
[13:32] <Lost_in_Dark> mey
[13:32] <Lost_in_Dark> am intrebat si eu ceva
[13:32] <Lost_in_Dark> e cineva in stare sa raspunda?
[13:32] <D0miniC> max o saptamana
[13:32] <D0miniC> ata stiu
[13:32] <Lost_in_Dark> sigur?
[13:33] <Lost_in_Dark> si mai e ceva
[13:33] <Lost_in_Dark> de ce nu pot sa intru pe site cserive?
[13:33] <D0miniC> citeste topicu mai
[13:33] <Lost_in_Dark> k
[13:34] * Lost_in_Dark mey am furat un canal cu tot cu tot si vreau sa fac trasfer pe alt user..ce trebuie sa fac?
[13:34] <D0miniC> loooooool Lost_in_Dark
[13:34] <Lost_in_Dark> what?
[13:34] * Sulplised sets mode: +b *!*
[13:34] * Lost_in_Dark was kicked by Sulplised (Stealing usernames is a NO NO)

Pretty smart ;)
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Post by OzzY »

From now on, the logs/posts which are NOT in English will be deleted.
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Post by killforyou »

[12:27] * Quits: Torque` ( (EOF from Operation and Ping timeout + Connection reset by Escess Flood - Signed off while changing servers * Registered (*.net *.split) / Max sendQ exceeded = (killed (* (Quit))))
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Post by BabyBash »

*** tampon has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset from rear)

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Post by Drkynes »

[20:15] <FromHeLL> Who knows from where i can make my own FREE acount supporting PHP and mysql ?
[20:16] <kynes> install it on your machine
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FromHeLL End of /WHOIS list.
[20:16] <FromHeLL> i don`t have a linux box at home.
[20:17] <ionix-> there is a windows version
[20:18] <kynes> it sucks though
[20:18] <ionix-> I think
[20:18] <kynes> but it exists
[20:18] <ionix-> or I have good prices at hehe
[20:19] <kynes> haha

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Post by sysc »

<******> I will tell u somethank because i liked u i hope u will understand me
<sysc> sure, whats that?
<******> Im a male but I use woman nick and chatting like a woman
<sysc> why do you do this?
<******> I get access easly in channels
<sysc> so I have been chatting with a shemale for 2 hours, right? Is this good?
<******> what is shemale?
<sysc> transsexual lamer like you.
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Post by hockeygir »

hahaha sysc!!!

ok, question, whats with all the romanian logs? isnt there a romanian area for this? i know i saw one...did the romanians not notice it? it is in romanian!
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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

hahahaha now that is a friggin nice one sysc

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Post by C0rrupt3d »

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Post by mxxl »

(Darius--): i have a mail and i wan`t to change the password
(Darius--): the mail is on yahoo
(Darius--): can you tell me where i must go ?
(mxxl): lemme check
(Darius--): mxxl
(Darius--): and where is lamma check ?
(Darius--): i can't find it

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Post by Kiath »

Nice last logs :)

Chris, yeah, .Ro Logs are VERY funny, and they need a special topic. I will open one now, but I assure you they rule :)
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Post by C0rrupt3d »

true :P

do that... there are more logs comming :devil:
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