May you rest in peace Joyce...

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May you rest in peace Joyce...

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Nothing to say... Just a goodbye to Cservice coordinator and friendly Joyce W. Cooks... May you rest in peace and be in heaven!
Stefano Sordini

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I pay my respects to her close friends and family. It was a great loss, and I can only hope that we will come out of this sad loss still strong.

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I also nothing to say, we'll always miss her and never forget her as well as her friendship and cooperation.
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May the Lord keep their souls on heaven, Rest in peace Joyce and Isaiah, we´ll miss you both.
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R.I.P Joyce

La moindre cenne, pis la compétion monte!

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Yes indeed , this was a great lost to the Undernet family , God has taken her to a better place , to Heaven. This is the place where we all go when our time comes , this is a inevitable porcess. We are borned , we live and than we die. You probably know that the Undernet webmasters have made a page [] where you can post your condolences ...May God rest Her Soul in Peace.

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