Request to change forum

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Request to change forum

Post by andrew »

Due to the fact that the forum is overwhelmed by unwanted sex-posts and spams to malicious sites, I would like to request the forum changed into another running system.

It is known that phpBB has some leaks, so these spam-messages aren't blocked.

There are other systems out there, easier to use for the users (although phpBB is already very easy to use) and more secure.

It will save the users and moderators quite some time not spending their time to read/delete the unwanted posts.

Yes, everybody would have to reregister, but I see no problem into that knowing we would be spam-free.

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Post by Crosswing »

Ok, I won't express my doubts. :devil: I'd love to see [url=]MyBB[/url] implemented. :wink:
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