Nick Owners

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Nick Owners

Post by TheAuger »

Undernet should start giving people contorl of their nicks. I've been using the nick AugerII for quite some time and recently people have started naming their bots AugerII and I cant use my nick anymore. Everyone I know on IRC knows my by AugerII and I dun care to change my nick so undernet should give this a thought.
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Post by Rivendale »

Yes, I'm with you ! Sadly I can't see it happening on Undernet any time soon.

Though I beleave this was brought up some time ago with them. So you never know.....
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Post by kid »

Undernet will not provide nickname ownership. It's the same thing as nickname registration. That'll only lead to more and more fights regarding nicknames. If your nickname was stolen by a bot, then ask it's owner to change it because you were using it. If he refuses, nothing you can do.

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Post by alicia »

I share the same agony with you guys/gals having their nicks used as bot nicks but what can we do about it, basically nothing.

I think its not the end of the world if you're unable to use your usual or favorite nick. If these 'friends' or 'irc-friends' are really your Friends, they should know where to find you and get hold of you. Besides, there's a bunch of characters on your keyboard to create a new nick. If i counted it right, there should be about 68 different characters on your keyboard to create a distinctive and unique nickname :)

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Post by Talyn »

The bottom line is that Undernet's policy is: No Nick Registration.

Undernet gives freedom of choice - anyone can use any available nickname. You just have to stop being so possessive of something so intangible as a nickname... it isn't *your* nickname, it's your *usual* nickname. When it's not available, you use another one. Simple as that. There's no "forcing him to give it back" because it was never *yours* to begin with.

There are over 400 IRC networks out there, all with different services available. If you just can't go on with life without registering your nick, there are plenty of smaller networks out there that will be more than happy to accomodate you.

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Post by ayrshire »

I know what its like having a nick "nicked" but its not the end of the world. If you have used the nick for quite sometime, then usually people will know you anyways.. And you really should have nick alternatives! My IRC client will automatically check for my nick, and change back to the origional when its available.


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Post by Elite »

Well bots should have new network rules imposed on them (imho :P) that forces them to use |botnick| or ^botnick^ and if they take popular nicks for bots, they can then be subject to disconnection from any oper if the oper in question sees fit.

same for the idle bncs that have been idle for several weeks and if they are used solely for denying others from using the nick in question. you dont need nickserv, just common sense rules.

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Post by Ze` »


I'am on Undernet since 1996, and many people have the same nick than me.
It's not a problem, when they are online I'll take Ze` or Zeuh ... It's not important !
If UnderNet have a nick registration process, I loose the nick forever ... however the nick Ze isn't take all time, in major time I have my Original nick but for exemple I don't have Ze as Undernet's username...

For theirs reasons I think nick registration is a bad things.

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Post by Razvanet »

Yes you are right, i think nick registration is not that good after all and it could also bring some problems....undernet is to big network to have nick registration...besides some people could register multiple nick's and that could bring other i think Undernet it's good with the username registration...

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