In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

In Loving Memory
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In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

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This section is dedicated to Jail. A former long serving member of the #help team and the Undernet.

[15:07] *** [#jail] topic- 'let's be silent for a while. 2007-06-23 RIP sir jail.'
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Post by KaVaBaNGa »

Me and believe all Undernet will never forget you Sir. Maybe you're not with us anymore physically. But only physically. You'll be always in our hearts.

Rest in peace Sir!


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May god bless his soul

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god bless him, and may he rest in peace.

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RIP in peace my old friend, you we're always a source of inspiration for me, you tought me many things about iRC.. and Forever i shall respect you and remember you. RIP old friend.
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Post by Sw1ft »

Today, we live one of the biggest lament of UnderNet. You have passed away from this world jail^ and also you left us on UnderNet but I am pretty sure about a think, you will never will be forgotten on UnderNet. You're an idol for young chatters you may passed away from this world but you will stay alive in our hearts. May your soul rest in peace (1944 - .. )

with Love,


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Post by sancy »

It's very sad to loose someone who had done so many things for the online community, but unfortunatly this is life, may god bless his soul and may others learn from the wonderfull things he had done. Rest in peace jail.


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I have known jail for more than 5 years now and along the way I have had the chance to know what a real honorable man is like to be. His true purpose here on Undernet was to help the users and those around. He has served our network as how he honorably served his country. He passed away due to being aged and according to my recent discussions with him, he was fulfilled for accomplishing many dreams he had.
May his soul Rest In Peace, we will never forget you, you have left behind honor and respect which you have always taught us, to have for each other.

From heaven, watch us do what you taught us well

BLueSaD not Joy today

Post by BLueSaD not Joy today »

we are so sad today ... we can not tell this suffer with words... and never forget Mr. Jail... He was our father , He was our friend , he was our idol...

Our hearts gone with u Mr. Jail ... we loved u , we love you and we will love you forever...

Rest in peace ( Huzur içinde uyu ) :(


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Post by c-wolf »

Jail, i remember also a ban from you when you was a 200 on #help.
I think back at the times when #help was a pleasant place to be, you lead me through the do`s and dont`s and always gave me a good advice.

I was there when you become co-manager and fights were starting, i was there when you have been personaly attacked (dont wanna say by who), i was there when you left #help full of sadness.

Now you are leaving our world and leave a lot of sadness behind you.
When i was talking to you, i was feeling like talking to my grandfather, you gave me lot of advice, also for real life.

You have been a great person, and your kids can be really proud of you.
The ones who knew you on undernet can be proud to have a friend like you.

You leave an empty place now in my heart and my mind, and you also leave an empty place on undernet.

It is sad to loose you. I hope you found a better place where we all will follow in time.

My mind is still unable to express in words what feeling it is like, and there are no words to express myself. So i leave those lines behind.

Rest in peace my dear friend and my "other grandfahter".



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God bless you , and bless your family... we all gonna miss you.... now you are one step forward than US...

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Post by Crosswing »

It is indeed a big loss for Undernet. May he rest in peace.
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Post by DiAs »

Rest In Peace jail, you're off to a better world. We didn't talk too much but I respect and thank you for all your hard work and care.
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Post by AceV »

god bless his soul and R I P our friend. you will always be with us in our hearts.
Best Regards , Acko
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Post by Silvereds »

jail recommended this to all the sad people he met
<@jail> turn up the speakers
<@jail> look at happy people
<@jail> u cant get this video out of the head

[22:09:51] <^jail^> i played a time with webcam too
[22:13:33] <Silvered> I did it too :-)
[22:13:37] <Silvered> Fascinating
[22:13:43] <Silvered> Made thousands of pictures
[22:14:05] <^jail^> lol
Session Close: Sat Jun 23 00:36:26 2007

jail ended his last discusion with me, with a laugh...
jail loved #help, tough they forgot him...
<jail> #help is my heart
jail was not the kind of man you've met daily, he was the kind of man that told you what to do when you were stuck...
jail...was unique...

That's why...
I will never forget...

Rest in peace sir.