about X languages...

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about X languages...

Post by undermaster »

I have a Question,
When I change The X Language into spanish, I get a lot errors in spanish ( words ) who made X into Spanish made a lot errors, how can be fixed, and where I can adress This Question ( means which channel) small example : .-X- La opción NOOP está *acitavada en #channel_name (* must be activada NOT acitavada) ....Thanks.

N.B: seems The forum is The best way To get The exact answer ;-P~~
from #helpchan into #usernames into here...

with all my respect To all CS-Committee..

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Post by Wolfyx »

I'd go for the coder section, as they're the ones that can actually change those typos, and/or other mistakes.
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Post by Etherfast »

Moved ;)

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Post by The-Judge »

You can edit easyly the "language" table from pgsql if you install phpPgadmin. There you will find the spanish language too.

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Post by xplora »

undermaster to clear up what might be confusion on The-Judge's part, are you refering to the gnuworld source code, or what is specifically in X on undernet ?
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Post by Compy »

Errors on the production X (on undernet) are most likely in the source code aswell, so both need to be changed. undermaster you can use the report section of sourceforge at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/gnuworld or you can correct the language SQL file yourself off the CVS repository accessible via our project page at sourceforge. I can work on getting any corrections you make submitted in the future.

-- Compy