Why do you think Undernet is World Number 1 Chat Network?

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Re: Why do you think Undernet is World Number 1 Chat Network?

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Undernet rulezzzz...and we know it...
beggin' you..

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i was born in #hospital raised in #newbies i started to smoke in #lounge then i moved in my own #house
all of this was on [url=irc://irc.undernet.org]Undernet[/url]
I did moved on some other networks, but you can't feel #home there.

when you have a lot of #friends on one network you wnna stay and do your best to keep them ;)

kids -don't do drugz- :alien:
Go to hell with your questions, my time is done here. It was fun, but this network is sooooo corrupted by morons, its not worth it.

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Hello guys,

Undernet was the BEST!

I meet with undernet at the same day I met with PC in a internet cafetaria (1997).

We had a chat channel belong to our school, we were making fun with our all class mates.

I was 17 years old when I met with love and managed it in our scholl channel :=) after it, I met with alot of girls in our scholl channel, we increased our friendship through undernet!

I must say that, Undernet was the ONLY one network service serious one, kept the rules equal for everyone includes network officials.

Undernet has been a piece of our life, or we've been addict of it as I can't stay away from it longer though there is nothing same as before..

We like Undernet because of the people in it without consider oper or lamer...

I can't compare it with another servers coz I do recognise no another server...

Let's keep it up same as before...