Why do you think Undernet is World Number 1 Chat Network?

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.
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Post by Alexik »

well, i could say that i like Undernet the most...i don`t really join other networks...sure there are unfriendly users or helpers...but you can just ignore them and go on, find other friends, people you can chat with and get along just fine...

so, in conclusion, long live Undernet ! :devious:
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Post by fishbone »

Etherfast wrote:Undernet is number one for me because
* This is the first network I joined and I'm still joining it since my first IRC contact (1997)
* I got used to it
* I have friends here
* I got to know how things work around :)

Proud to be an Undernetter
Ditto, we even joined around the same year :)

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Post by BeaCHBoi »

well, lets say undernet isnt 1st for me.... but its 2nd .. hehe, i realy like Undernet, its a cool place to hangout, meet friends and share your knowledge.. through undernet only i've been able to gather friends.. well, lets say undernet is no.1 :P but some parts of it arent good, like registering a channel with 10 supporters... i prefer instant registration... hehe, or reduce the no. of supporters and days till X comes, hope undernet gets beter.. good luck undernet :D

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Post by Stefanoo »

nIckmenza wrote:what is the reason why you think undernet is world number one chat network?

Is it because of Undernet Channel service and Undernet Friendly Helpers and users ?

do you find the same kind of services aswell as 24/7 live ( online ) help and friendly helpers and opers & admins in other network ?
First of all.. IRC wise Undernet is not the number one but QuakeNet is.

QuakeNet (Ranked #1) 157,645 chans 137,902 users
Undernet (Ranked #2) 41,148 chans 104,752 users
EFnet (Ranked #3) 23,791 chans 72,753 user

That if you are refering to quantity of users. and god knows that half of them are drones/spam/emechs...

Now regarding Quality wise, I can refer you to small networks, of an average of 500 users for example or even smaller, where you will find much better services and entertainment and no need to mention a high presnce of the staff which could make u feel safer.

But I have to admit undernet has coders, and good ones.

Undernet is ofcourse a prominent IRC network, but not first chat network nor quantity wise nor by quality wise.
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Post by gemeau50 »

Stefanoo wrote:QuakeNet (Ranked #1) 157,645 chans 137,902 users
Amazing ... A network which has more channels than users???

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Post by Stefanoo »

I also got surprised... but parently yes...
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Post by [LANA] »

undernet server rules!
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Post by iamdeath »

It's the best because I found a beautiful girl here and then got married to her yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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Post by Nice|GuY »

How can you guys even say that Quakenet and other networks are number one? Well yeah the number of users, but haven you ever check quakenet? well, I have I usually stay there to find opponents for me to play with, but come one drones, bots, clones... way to many on these networks compared to UnderNet...

As sirAndrew said, UnderNet is in our hearts :D


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Post by Stefanoo »

[LANA] wrote:undernet server rules!
you rule baby :P
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Post by Ghostyz »

nice people on it ( apart from the flood bot masters that is :P), nice helpers,
nice stability of servers, and thats about it.

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Post by Wolfyx »

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Post by truenitos »

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Post by GBL »

why you asking ?
you know Undernet is the best and one server in IRC
Want to be a helper in undernet

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Post by Apelsin4ik »

Yes , its true , my favorite !
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