Why do you think Undernet is World Number 1 Chat Network?

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Why do you think Undernet is World Number 1 Chat Network?

Post by nIckmenza »

what is the reason why you think undernet is world number one chat network?

Is it because of Undernet Channel service and Undernet Friendly Helpers and users ?

do you find the same kind of services aswell as 24/7 live ( online ) help and friendly helpers and opers & admins in other network ?

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Post by Dooku »

Because it has the "perfect" service, to bad that gnuworld is FULL with bugs but the idea is Great, any way ...
Is it because of Undernet Channel service and Undernet Friendly Helpers and users ?
users ... yea ... if you know how to look for friends, opers lateley lets be honest ..., anyway Undernet has become more then a IRC net, its a comunity :P
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Post by Compy »

I wouldn't really say that GNUWorld is FULL of bugs... I know there are a few, but not really that many... heh.

If you think otherwise, submit bug reports on gnuworld's sourceforge site.

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Post by Mitko »

Well, I don't think it's the world number one Chat network, since I have seen a regional network with over 50,000 users chatting at the same time. It's main channels are full of over 2,000 users, and no, no bots just real people (maximum 1% bots which is nothing compared with the top5 networks (which are top5 full of compromised machines in the same time too)). It's pretty amazing how a country made that big network, and it's actually not that big country, it has around 10 million citizens.

Anyway, that one is regional so not everyone can chat there. So lets talk about Undernet. It's the first network that I've connected to. That was a decade ago, and in that time I was doing "asl pls" on my country channel. In the beginning I was just chatting not knowing that I am connecting to IRC, what IRC is, but I just knew that I was "mIRCing". An year after that I found out that other networks exist. I found out about Quakenet as well, but it was known as a game network, so I wasn't really interested in it. I've connected to it only a few times to have some game-related chat. So, all the time I have been using Undernet because it was the best place for me. Almost all of my friends were and still are using Undernet, 99% of people using IRC from my country (Macedonia) are using Undernet. I can even say that Undernet replaced my phone, I was chatting with my friends online on Undernet instead of using my phone. And IRC is even better, many people can chat in the same time in a channel. On the phone only 3 can, at least here.

Btw, I don't really like MSN, YM, Skype and those messangers, actually I dislike them. Sometimes I use Skype (only if the person doesn't use IRC), but I disable emotions and I set up the IRC-style. I don't want to see annoying images, emotions, nudges, sounds, animations or that crap. So, plain text, which is the only data that can pass thru the IRC protocol is just fine for me and it doesn't hurt my eyes.

I like the way IRCu and GNUWorld work, and their features. A special thank goes to the Undernet Coder Committee that coded it. The Undernet Channel Service Committee is just using the code, so I really don't think that Undernet is a nice place to hang on because of it, but the coders.

Regarding the "Undernet friendly helpers and users", every network has friendly and unfriendly helpers AND friendly and unfriendly users. If user AAA is friendly with you, he might not be towards me. So we shouldn't globalize.

And an answer to nIckmenza's last question: yeah I have seen many networks that provide 24/7 live help and have friendly staff and maybe friendlier than the Undernet.

Personally best IRC network exists, but such thing as "THE BEST" does NOT. So, lets keep it real. It is true that Undernet is the best network for us, but we shouldn't say it's the world number ONE chat network.

Best Regards,
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by nakedsanta »

well, as i said, i haven`t been on a lot of networks, but personally, i think undernet IS the best. for example, i went on another network (no need for names...) and got banned on several channels, because of my nicknames (nakedsanta), this AFTER i told them i had absolutly nothing to do with pornography. That wasn`t very nice...but anywayz, i didn`t found romanians on other networks (i know there are, but i only stayed very shortly), and i tried to had a bit of fun, chatting with ppl from other country....but one thing is for sure : i didn`t had the fun i have on undernet. On Undernet, i`m on a lot of channels where there are only a few romanians, and where we only use english, so the conditions are pretty much the same as on the other networks, but...dunno, maybe it`s just me, but here the people are more open, willing t have fun.
As for what n|ckmenza said, about the 24/7 online helpers, not totally true....on #cservice for example, yes, there`s someone online at every hours....but that ain`t the situation of #zt for example, where, sometimes, in the middle of the day, there`s noone online. So, i said it before and i`ll say it again, UNDERNET RULZ !

Regards, nakedsanta
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Post by astemokoholic »

Totally agree with You :) Thumbs up

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Post by cArLiLLoS »

Undernet sux! hahah, kidding. I agree with Mitko's posts, but I do like MSN, specially when you meet a girl on IRC from your town and wanna see her on webcam before arranging a date :P (I just HATE nudges, they just get on my sensitive nerves)

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Post by windox »

well I think undernet is world number one chat network cause really it is not? no just kidding...hehe

the reason I like undernet is it's the first network I join...and it is keep improving uhm yea I would consider undernet a stable network, nice service (X) eventhough we can't have it :D and of course (it's freeeeeeee)
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Post by lemuel »

today yesterday network Ø users Ø channels Ø servers
1. 1. QuakeNet 148334 149431 38
2. 2. IRCnet 95293 51772 42
3. 3. Undernet 84156 31356 24

Got this one from http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/top100.php it's clearly stated that Undernet is not on top but it's on the 3rd rank. For me, Undernet might be number one but what about the other users who's not been in to Undernet? I don't think if they would say that Undernet is the number one chat network without knowing what's up in there (including services and stuffs). It's just like what Mitko's post. It's just a matter of choice and the part where you are comfortable to chat with people.
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Post by Etherfast »

Undernet is number one for me because
* This is the first network I joined and I'm still joining it since my first IRC contact (1997)
* I got used to it
* I have friends here
* I got to know how things work around :)

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Post by OzzY »

because Undernet does not have nickserv, thats it.
Ozan Güven aka OzzY

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Post by Spektral »

Last time I checked, QuakeNet was number one. o_O
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Post by Spidel »

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Post by sirAndrew »

Spektral wrote:Last time I checked, QuakeNet was number one. o_O
In our hearts Undernet is #1
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Post by kNox »

I think it's number one (for me, at least), because it's easy to understand how things work (unlike quakenet, for instance), because it's got friendly users and, well, the feel of it doesn't compare to any other network i've been in. Cheers ;)
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