What's your sport?

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Re: What's your sport?

Post by ethansoe »

ten-pin bowling.. a great sport that you can play and drink beer at the same time

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Post by biscuit67 »

Why hockey of course....Go Leafs Go!

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Post by msus33 »

Cheerleading! JK The sport of kings - horse racing. Or, is it croquet. Nevermind, I like good ol' Americano Football.

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Post by moparman »

I'm a bit of a Rugby fan. never played but the fact that New Zealand has just won the Rugby world cup is a good reason to become a new fan. LOL 8)

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Post by nathans »

I like american football and auto racing, but it was also nice to see the All Blacks win the rugby world cup.

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Post by supermall »

l love playing Table Tennis. I didn't know much about the sport until a Chinese friend of my taught me how to and ever since l have been enjoying it.

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Post by jstatum »

Basketball & Football are my favorites to watch, but I'll pretty much play any sport.

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Post by danial »

playing tennis, also swimming.

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Post by showtime123 »

I play basketball in the NBA

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Post by ronsorbo82 »

Field Hockey! Playing it of course, not much for spectator sports. Rather be out there getting some exercise and fun myself ;)

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Post by projektverktyg »

I guess nobody overthere plays floorball! It s a game for every age! Try it!

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Post by lemuel »

Basketball and Table Tennis
I love Maria Katrina Rey

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Post by wt4bm »

I love playing volleyball!

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Post by victorwilson »

I'm a big fan of tennis, playing when the weather is good and watching when it's not, and have also recently taken up ultimate frisbee.

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Post by DejanSav »

I love to play football, soccer, basketball, tennis ball, teniss and volley ball, in general almost I enjoy in any sports activity. But I can only watch basketball on TV and everyother sport when I watched makes me borred.

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