What's your sport?

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What's your sport?

Post by vigilante »

This thread is so people can discuss which sport they are into a lot, the sport they admire the most and like playing, watching, talking about it.

Mine personally is Tennis, it used to be cricket but once i came here to the USA, i started losing interest in the sport. After 4 years of living here, i found the right sport, i have been playing it since not even a year.. and it's kept me busy. I've got myself on the right track. Currently, i play for my highschools varsity team not junior varsity :-) It's my first year, im proud of myself lol. But yeah tennis is really exciting!!! I love it.. and my favorite player in tennis: Roger Federer.
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Post by Mitko »

Chess (even if some people think that it's not a sport, or it's just sport-like, I think it's a sport). My favorite player is [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garry_Kasparov]Garry Kasparov[/url].
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Post by sirAndrew »

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Post by Wolfyx »

Table tennis
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Post by lemuel »

Wolfyx wrote:Table tennis
Etherfast wrote:Basketball
I love both. :wink:
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Post by Spidel »

my favourites sports games are the following ones : european football , american football (madden NFL ) , basketball (NBA league) , hockey ( NHL league)

My Favourite teams are : Barcelona and Chelsea ( European soccer )
Dallas Cowboys and Miami Sharks ( NFL league )
Los Angels Lakers ( NBA league) aswell favourite player Kobe Bryant
New York Rangers (NHL league)
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Post by xplora »

cricket and rugby
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Post by DarkAnge| »

Table tennis, football and sometimes basketball
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Post by Sabin »

My favourite ones are: swimming contests and snooker games. Too bad I do not have spear time to practice it ; from now and then I have spear time in weekends to play pol with friends.

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Post by toolz »


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Post by dutu »

yes soccer is one of the greatest. and we the romanians have a passion for it. so be it with soccer

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Post by FasTK|LLeR »

snooker and sprint ( 100 métres )
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Post by Dooku »

Basketball and sex (extreme sport) :devil:
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