Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the Undernet. Here is your chance to introduce yourself to everyone on the forum and basicaly hang out.
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Introduce Yourself

Post by simba »


This section is your chance to introduce yourself to the other members of the forum.

Maybe you are new to the forum ? or just want to share with others what you use it for? this is your chance.

Please follow the example given to avoid the section getting into a mess.

Hi, My name is <name> and I’m <years> years old and I live in <city/town, country>. My nickname on IRC is <nickname>

<Personal Information for example: Sisters/brothers, Likes/Dislikes, Favorite color/food/car, Hobbies, Skills, Ambitions>

<Anything else you like>

Note: All the text in <> must be replaced by what it indicates. Remember to keep the paragraphing and the main formatting so the "Introduce Yourself" forum can be clean and easy to read.

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Post by sirAndrew »

It seems that in the last period people started to post in this section what they want.

Consider this your first and last warning.

While posting in the section open a thread called like your name/undernet nickname and not some words you just want to see as a topic name.

Second of all when posting please follow the example gave by simba in his post.

The threads that won`t follow these simple rules will be either edited or deleted depending on what is wrong with them.

Many thanks,
sirAndrew @

8 years on this forum and i'm still the #1 poster around.

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