What firewall do you use?

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Yes, of course.

Though: most users on the Internet use Microsoft Windows, and in MS Windows there is no built in firewall that works sufficient.

Also, I think that basic security thinking should be in place in the head of every Internet user, BUT this should only have to be at the level of knowing that you should have fresh tires on your car, change oil now and then etc.

This is compared to purchasing a good firewall and updating the operating system whenever necessary.
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Just a note, the Windows firewall does not always work sufficient.
Imho, it wouldn't detect rootkits. Although many firewalls wouldn't detect them. However, again imho, zone alarm, if you don't change the options, it would detect them.

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Zone Alarm Security Suite works fine with my Windows XP machine. I have been using Zone Alarm firewalls since 2000. And, iptables on my Linux Slackware machine. But remember, the best way to stay secure is do not think that you are 100% secure!

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Zone Alarm Security Suite is indeed a good security package, and is highly recommended.

If anyone of you run X, you should check out Firestarter.
Macedonia is a province in Greece.

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Zone Alarm Professional and Netgear adsl Firewall Router

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D-Link Broadband VPN router it's amazing

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I am using Comodo Firewall :) which gives me prevention-based PC protection that slams the door shut on viruses, malware, and hackers.

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I also use McAfee fire wall to..................