What antivirus do you use?

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Re: What antivirus do you use?

Post by playmania »

Avast here!

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Post by hotboy18 »

I use AVG which is free and works wonders for me.

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Post by cobbie »

i use Avast.. its pretty cool too.

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Post by Edwin878 »

i use Kaspersky, it works great.

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Post by danhunter1973 »

No issues once I got Avast.

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Post by elizeb »

The best Anti virus which gives complete protection is Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. The 2011 was little sluggish in performance but it is resolved in the 2012 edition.
I have tried all most all Antivirus in the market and could not find something better than Kaspersky.

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Post by danielpunk »

Off course Avast.
The best free antivirus with huge features. PC remains safe with this.
For more: http://www.techyv.com/blog/avast-antivirus-software

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Post by Pokal326 »

I use node 32.............................

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Post by Schwarz »

AVG, always been thanful with it.
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Post by hpattersan »

Zonealarm works for me but it's not free.

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Post by Meow »

Pokal326 wrote:I use node 32.............................
The same. It`s reliable and ir doesn`t use such a huge ammount of RAM

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Post by debbiek1945 »

Trying AVG now but it`s very slow and tried to install a bunch of junk on install.