What antivirus do you use?

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Me, myself and I

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For me it's very simple.
I do need every small resource of my P4 at 2,2 GHZ and that's the main reason why I have installed only the IMPORTANT programs I need
Also, because of this I have NO active ANTIVIRUS shield enabled. If you are newbie enough, better keep your antivirus up and quit reading this.
Here Some things which keeps me safe & secured:

1. When I first installed windows, right before first connecting to internet, I enabled a firewall. A hardware one is the best solution.
2. Right after, I've made all Windows Updates at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
3. Considering that I am NOT the onlyone who has access to this machine, abusing the fact that I have more than one partition, I moved some special folders like "My Documents", "Desktop" , "Favorites" by using Tweak Ui tool provided by [url=http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx]Microsoft[/url] in some "secondary" partition as I had to proceed to the next step:
4. I've installed the "[url=http://www.faronics.com/]Deep Freeze[/url]" program.

Sometimes I do scan my computer against malwares using DIFFERENT online&free scanners from some known companies.


No spywares, No viruses, No windows errors, windows working same fast as first day I've installed it. I have more than 2 years since I didn't installed windows on this machine and I have no problems with viruses.

NO headpains, no virus alerts, no antispyware tools but:
1. I do often my windows updates.
2. I do a regular antivirus scan for the other partitions which are NOT protected by "Deep Freeze".

Notice: The only virus that my configuration failed at was Parite.A and B, as "Deep Freeze" program got crashed, but for this I used "Norton Ghost" program to make a fast image of the partition with my Windows Instalation.

Please don't ask me to quit Windows and to take something like Fedora, at home, I am a home user. It's enough that I work with unix at work long enough.

Enjoy Undernet.

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I use Norton Antivirus 2002 and he`s the best.

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simba wrote:Network Associates VirusScan Enterprise 8.0 (McAfee Security)
Me too, and the mac version (Virex for Mac OS X obviously), and the linux command line version (for scanning email at the mail server).

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Before having pc-cillin internet security 2006 i had symantec, after that mcafee .. both of them disappointed me .. I had few trojans/viruses in my pc that slow down my pc big time, the reboot was taking also 2 long.. and none of the antivirus software listed above could kill them .. I was very angry and was about to format my hard and before doing that i remember there's one more antivirus i didn't tried ...

I got the antivirus the pc-cillin internet security 2006 .. he killed them all and cleaned my pc..now it works very good, like new.., i am very proud of this antivirus and also recommend to all of you .. install it and forget about it, it does all the necessary work for you. From a scale to 1-10 I rate it to 10! :)
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You might also want to try NOD32. Its the best antivirus software on the market. I have been using it for more than half a year and it totally rocks!

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I must disagree with you evol, regarding what you said "the best antivirus". There is no such thing as "the best" in the world. Everything has lack of something, and something better than the other. If we merge the virus databases of all AV programs, then we can get something close to "the best". From experience, I have been scanning many infections with 15 different antivirus programs. Everytime, there was at least one AV that does not detect that malware. Sometimes Kaspersky, sometimes NOD32, sometimes AVG, and so on - the list is big. According to my research every AV software has lack of something! So, lets keep that "the best" for other occasion.

Best Regards,
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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no hard feelings evol, but i must disagree with you in regards to NOD 32, lots of my friends are using it and everyone has complains about it ... isn't pretty efficient i see ... anyway if u like it and works for you, keep it :)
If a man hasn't found something that he would die for it, than he isn't fit to live!

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I had it for a while, i saw it did see the viruses, but had a hard time removing them, and the bottom line, yes i did have probs with viruses, even having nod32. I've got Zone alarm security suite now, and that's all i need
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I using F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005. :roll:
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I use AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition

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recently i've made a change with my antivirus/firewall ...

maybe some of you guys heard about the new products that microsoft is working on .. more info at [url]http://www.ideas.live.com/[/url] ..

the new antivirus product i'm talking about is the Windows Live OneCare beta ... has also firewall incorporated, real time protection and a lot of interesting features, the bottom line is that i'm very happy with it, works excellent, doesn't eat many resources at all and keeps ur pc very clean!

for more info about this check at [url]http://www.windowsonecare.com/[/url] .. also it has an interesting press release and a forum where people can answer your questions.. also after you purchase this product, it comes with another interesting tool : Windows Defender Beta 2

everything is very easy to use, friendly interface and excellent customer support (not advertising! :P)

So, who wants to give it a try.. do it.. i'm sure u won't be disappointed! :)

regards, Speed^
If a man hasn't found something that he would die for it, than he isn't fit to live!

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I'm using Linux right now, but usually I use NOD32. Also, I use to take a Housecall-scan once a week or so, and I take a manual check through the registry.
I also use other programs like Ad-aware, Spycon, The Cleaner, Antivir etc.
I also use Zonealarm firewall.

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Post by lemuel »

Nod32 and Microsoft Essentials for Windows 7
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I use Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012.