In the memory of jwpara Aka john

In Loving Memory
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Rest in Peace John.

- Larry


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RIP jwpara , may his soul rest in peace ! Condolences to those who loved JwPara...- condolences to his family and CService IRC Famlily. God bless he!
Saturday, 29 Jan, after 20 o`clock (Romania hour), special radio edition, 3 special hours dedicated to JwPara (God bless he!) RIP.. :(

= to listen this radio special show, = Radio PulsFM Romania Team in memory of JwPara.

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I will forever and ever miss you my dearest friend... I don't think I could ever find such a good friend in the whole of IRC ever again... John, if you can only read this.. know that my heart is sore for you.. and I thank you for all the memories and advices you had given me.. from the bottom of my heart, I give you my love.



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JESUS CHRIST Said: "Why you care about your clothes ? Look how grass grow up, and have a beautiful clothes, but even Solomon not was weared in like that beautiful clothes..., so if grass, who today is here and tomorow in fire, GOD dresses like that, how much you with small faith !!! because you worth more than grass !!!"

JwPara- was very lovely person helping to every man it was not matter if he know him or not; I dont know tha someone in Undernet Network hate him, let GOD Bless JwPara's big soul !!!

Revelation 16:16
Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.
There will be all people who will standing afore GOD and GOD will judge him, and JwPara- will be there !!!

Reast In Peace John !!!


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will miss you, dear friend

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I'm very sorry about what happen'd.
John was a beutiful man.. I just spoke with him once, when he had his network.
Somehow, I feel that #CService is very hurt about this and I want to tell them that he will always remain in their/our hearts.

Condolences to his hurt familly.
May your soul Rest in Peace, John.
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I`m sorry for wath`s happen to John , sincerly , john was a good man , a trust man , when i asked you for something you answer me , you try to help everyone ..... i donno wath to say right now Maybe god need`s you to help there with him , or maibe you must help other ppls from other world .. or just to take a breat , or to R.I.P....

R.I.P Dear John , much ppl love`s you here I hope there where you are now will be much better and you will be more loved
God Bless evry time , i hope you go in to another world when you can help other ppl bcs in this world you help allot of ppl ... and me .. God Bless you John ..

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- RIP - Cuando todo esta perdido....Siempre brilla una bro` +

.:Normal User:.

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RIP JwPara, may his soul open the Heaven's doors. I'm sure everyone that knew you will miss you a lot.


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We just received the sad news that jwpara has passed away. RIP jwpara, may his soul rest in peace.

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In memory of JwPara u will stay in our hearts
Rest In Peace Jwpara Aka john

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Tu etais un amis et bien plus que ça , alors que je fut guest sur cservice en chaté deja en privé t'avait j'amais u la grosse téte t'étais une personne bien sage , en ta perdus c une grand perte Pour chaqu 1 de nous repose en paix chére ami !!!!!!!!!!!!
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RIP JwPara, will miss you :S

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nothing to say, i'm just sorry

may his soul rest in peace..
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