In the memory of jwpara Aka john

In Loving Memory

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lot of sadness for our dear senior JwPara... Hope to be in a better place now...

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i can't believe this, two days ago i asked about him... and now i hear he
John was a person i was very attached to... i can not express what is in
my heart now, such sorrow, such pain...
John helped me alot, with his advices and trust.. i never stop wondering
how much trust will this man offer me... i never did anything to earn that
much trust.. even so, he trusted me from the first day we talked...
There are so many things to talk about john, but the sorrow from my heart
stoped me from thinking, i only repeat to myself... i can't believe it, i
can't believe it, it can not be...
All i can say is this... John, please take care of me, please take care of
my friends, my familly, your familly - CService .. say hello to Joyce and
Isaiah and watch over us, 'cause i am sure that the three of you are up
there, over our shoulders.

With love and respect to a great man..
RIP John, your beloved son Elvis.
* "Talking about love is like dancing about architecture".


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the death is not the end, but the begin of a new eternal life, god bless you..
Rest In Peace John


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rest in peace Mr John Walker we never forget you and remember the god will take your hand to be fine in all your rest and remember when you say me. "don`t take your time for chat and give a time with your family".
i will not forget that anymore brother and take a PEACE.


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I hope the God will be compassionate to JOHN because He was compassionate wo us.Follow the light jwpara


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R.I.P ... the angels be whit you .


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Rest In Peace My Dearest Friend, Gonna miss you alot .


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Rest In Peace John . We Will Never Forget You .

Condoleances to John's .

Tzoanca .


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Tears John...many tears ...
-----<-@ R.I.P


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John has been a good friend to all, its not a bad news but its all always been a good news to be with the Lord forever but its not easy to forget a friend who leave his footprints with a good marks. We will surely miss you john :)

me and from all undernet users will surely miss you :) you're footsteps won't be forgotten but followed. :)



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Jwpara was one of my best friends on Undernet as well as chip that passed away two. Maybe they are now in a better place and are happier then before. I am sorry for them and for their families. I don`t know what to say because when I heard this news I was wordless. I couldn`t say anything I thought this is just a joke but then I saw the topic on #cservice and on his channel. If I could help you somehow please tell me. I posted this reply in the forum because I respect John. He was a great person I enjoied talking to him. He was a good listener and advicer. He had the sense of humour and .. was .. just perfect. Sorry for my bad englesh. I am from Romania. Well.. that`s all what I can say for the moment.


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Dear John,

It's a terrible news I heard this morning.
You have to know that after being away from IRC such a long time, I was missing these great and fun moments when we take a break, chat together, tickle around... And you were (on your own) a big part of these moments.

We lost more more than a dedicated person, more than a capable man, we lost a great friend.

It has been a privilege knowing you, rest in peace John.

avorti aka Luca

my deepest sympathy goes to the family.


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:cry: May GOD Bless you JwPara ! You were a good man.
You will never be forgotten by the CService Official People and by us, the normal users. We are very sorry for what happend to you. I hope you will have a good life there, near God.

Rest I Peace JwPara !!! you will never be forgotten !


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May his soul rest in peace

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Rest in peace John.