McReady aka Daniel rest in peace friend God bless you

In Loving Memory


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Rest In Peace
Condolances to his family

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Thanks for being here as a friend Dan, you will be missed a lot.
I remember those days with chaos and ironz and the funny things we used to say.

Rest in peace Dan, I won't ever forget how a good person you were.
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I just learned about the bad news, but never too late to post.

You were an awesome guy, we had good times while being newbies in cservice together with Sharky and the gang. All those late night/early morning discussions that kept me awake and sleepy in class. I'm very sad for your family and especially your son Gabriel. :(

Rest in peace Danny, I will miss you. :(


G* (Just the way you called me)


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Since I remeber, this last 6years of HELP i did in zt and all around, I've work with you Chip many time, you was helpful person on the NET and IRL.... I'll always remember you, and all the good time...... Peace dude

A day I'll see you in the new world, just wait me 8)

J-P Aka eckside(rvn)

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RIP danny :cry:


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My condolences to the family...and friends of Daniel McReady. I was not fortunate enough to know him very well but, have on a few occasions held conversation.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. May they find the strength in themselves and each other to get through this terrible time.




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For all the peace you fought for, for all the peace you kept on undernet, may you have eternal peace in with the angels Daniel.


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Chip, I'm sorry about times I got on you for the constant nick changes. I realize now it was all a rehearsal for when you would be in a better place to watch over us. The universe somewhere, has a plan for you.


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My deepest sympathy to Daniel's family.


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Didnt know Daniel... but R-I-P
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rip danny
i will miss u so much
god will take care of u
i will never forget u friend :cry:

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*Sigh*, I never knew him, but I bet he was a great guy.
My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
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I worked with chip for a bit on Undernet. I shall miss seeing him.

RIP Danny.
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I didnt know him, but from what I see here, he must have been a great guy. The Rizon Network would like to extend its sympathy to his family. RIP


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I speak for all brazilians when I say: he was an hero!
and it is a really sadness, but he died protecting his country!

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