McReady aka Daniel rest in peace friend God bless you

In Loving Memory


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tho i did not know Daniel he was on IRC and any person on IRC that dies is sad..i was surfin and i came across this very sadding news that this person had died in iraq ..this made me even sadder...i give my honarable salute to Daniel..

so from the AuzChat network rest in peace Daniel !!!!!!!!!

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I'm still in shock i can't belive Daniel is Dead :( Rest in Peace
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Man I still remeber when I talk last time with you and you tell me ... I will go to Iraq i`m in US`Army ... you was happy ... I told you take care of you ... you was :) ..... I will remember you all my live ... you was the best from Cservice ... if all are like you ..... Cya` up there .

Good Bless you ! remember me SOCA. :cry: :wink:

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RIP Daniel McReady God rest his soul :cry:


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Rest In Peace Dani Mcready God Bless You You are Always here And We are always Near you :(

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It's regretable that war from real life touched our little safe heaven. I hope McReadys death wasn't in vain, I hope more & more ppl will do anything possible to stop war.


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I didn't know him much,but he helped me ones in #cservice and i learned from he how to help users with problems.I also learned that It`s nice to be important,but it`s more important to be nice.He was a great man.I know that all that i am saying now,will not bring him back but i hope that he is somewhere in heaven and see our prayes. :( Let him rest in peace.We will never forget you Mc Ready.Reast in Peace!!

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:o :-? :x :cry: :evil: :devil: :x Rest in peace my dear friend , I'll never forget you (you were a good guy with a good knowledge and a good teacher) you'll be forever in my heart/soul .. God Bless you :cry: :cry: :cry: :evil:
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Let's keep our smiles like this & that we're happy for him

[img][/img] (his fav avator/pic)
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We can`t bring him back now,but i hope that he is somewhere in heaven and can see our prayes.I will think about him and i hate this live somethimes,but that`s live.Good bless him!We will never forget you.You have our respect.Bye bye Daniel.

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I knew him, i don`t consider being a friend of his but any man who sacrified his life to save another one is wordy of our admiration. He died doing his job, and Cservice and undernet will miss him. He will always have a place in our hearts. Someone asked today if his captain was worth saving, i think Daniel already gave us the answer. He considered that his captain`s life was worth dieing for so i think we should respect his choice even if we think it`s the wrong one.
May God rest his soul. Rest In Peace Daniel.
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May God rest his soul. Rest In Peace Daniel

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I'm really sorry to hear this :(( I didn't knew him , but I saw him many times helping people , and now , he helped more than any man could help another one . I think everybody wants to have a friend like him , but now he has some other friends , the angels . Rest In Peace Daniel , and I know that nobody will forget You .
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DJ Idiocy

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Such a sad thing to hear about, my prayers are with his family and friends.


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We have been friends from the beginning of our carrieer almost in CService, you have been a friend to me for about 5 1/2 years.

I will never forget our last chat that became our final. We used to chat for so many hours. I am truely sorry that I was not there for you, but I know at least that you knew you were in my toughts as I had mailed and had phone-contact with you.

I will never forget you, you will for always have my respect.

There is so much more I want to say, so many more years to come.
I am sad.

My deepest condolances to his wife, and to his child who never got to know his father for more than a few years.

Rest in peace my friend.

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