McReady aka Daniel rest in peace friend God bless you

In Loving Memory
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McReady aka Daniel rest in peace friend God bless you

Post by Spidel »

McReady aka Daniel rest in peace friend God bless you u was the one of the greatest helper on #CService I will remember you and we don't forget you never And God bless your family once again WE DON"T FORGET YOU! GOD BLESS YOU

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Post by zeee »

WE DON"T FORGGET YOU MCREADY ! GOD BLESS - you were really a nice guy - u helped me everytime i needed help - i willl remember that op all my life !

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Post by MartYanu. »

Daniel was a *great* guy, I care at him, hope you all do.
God bless him, rest in peace.
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Post by Kaac »

Well... I knew Mcready, but not too much, but we were buddies... Anyway, he helped me a few times by stopping me screw up in cservice, as being mad or not in the mood and arguing, he banned me for my own good... Also gave me a lot of priceless advices regarding helping and stuff and told me "i'm around if you need anything"...

Anyway, this was my first day as a student on college and I'm sure I won't forget it too soon, unfortunatelly... It was a shock, I joined #cservice and koG msgd me "read the topic", then I saw about 4-5 invites to the channel opened in Daniel Mcready's memory...

I hope he will always be remembered and may God rest his soul.

Rest in peace, old friend.

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Post by ciops »

God bless him, and may he rest in peace.

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Post by KoGiTo »

Today , 04/10/04.
* Now talking in #CService
/me *pokes* mcready
... mcready didn't answered as usual...
a prv msg has coming : "<mcready> Danny is dead. from what we were told, he was shot 4 times, 2 in the neck in the arm and 2 in the chest saving his captain who survived to tell us what happen"
The last private with Him was 2 months ago. He told me : "Well , I'll be off for 2 months , I have something to do in real life...Keep up the good work KoGiT :o)" .
Here is an e-mail from his brother , Maxwell McReady :
"Dearest Friends of Danny,
With sadness of our hearts to inform you that our beloved Lt. Daniel passed
away on the 23rd. We were notified on last Tuesday the 28th by his Captain.
The Department of Defense still couldn't confirm the news or comment on it.
His Commander is still AWOL and couldn't be found
I would like to take this moment to apologize for everything that Danny had done in the past, only wish I have is everyone please forgive my brother.
This the the 8th e-mail that I'm sending out to all his friends, If I missed anyone please forgive me.
The sadness is unbareable to our family, we still could
believe the news ourself. Please forgive me.
May God Bless Danny and All of you.
Maxwell Mcready

*** In Memory of Daniel McReady - killed in action serving his duty to his country. R.I.P. You'll be never forgotten ***
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Post by Tzintzi »

My deepest thoughts go out to Danny. He was a good CS representative, alway knew what to say. I wish I knew him IRL, but that wasn't possible for one reason or another.
We love you and we miss you Danny ...
Rest in peace

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Post by Homer »

I've been knowning Daniel for a long long time, He was really a nice guy.

I'm really sorry and sad about what happend to him.

R.I.P Dan
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Post by sirAndrew »

Never knew him but i`m always sad for the loss of someone`s life.

May God Rest His Soul
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Post by LordWilli »

dany you will always stay in my heart. i love you dany rest in peace and thx Dany :***
greetings your willio

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Post by Homer »

it's also sad that he has left his little child and his girlfriend behind him :cry: , i would rather forgive myself then forgivin' Daniel
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Post by Dr^Dre »

Rest in Peace Daniel, may god be with your soul. You were a great cs representative. :cry:

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Post by TheWest »

i`m sorry ... RIP daniel :cry:

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Post by napster »

Repose en paix Mcready et bravo d'avoir eu assez de courage pour aller a la guerre, des soldats comme toi ils en a pas gros.


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Post by Wolfyx »

Cheers to a great man, and a very special friend. Daniel, i want to thank you for everything you have done for me, for everytime you`ve been there for me, for the kindness that u`ve showed me. You are on of the best. I will always remember you, and you shall always have a special place in my heart. You died as a hero to us, and to your country, and for that you will never be forgotten. I will mention you and your family in my prayers, and hope that we will meet you one day in Heaven. May God rest your soul in peace.
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