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She is right, the advice was regarding those "better channels", you should not worry about it, you can write/post anything about #userguide if you have solid proofs. Saying something about an official channel is not considered spam ! :)

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I don't want to barge in to this discussion, but spam means unsolicited advertisments. If it's solicited then it isn't spam :)

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The point here is that this Forum is not the place for people to post: #MYChannel: this one is better than yours! posts.

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I agree :) just what cought my attention was the part, of inviting users to post channel names :)

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You are soooo Right

#UserGuide IS the best friendliest help chann on the Undernet
and if you can find a better chann then this to get your desired help well, your Dreaming :)

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Hello katykat.

Welcome to our forum but chatting and meeting people is not one of it's purposes.
If you want to meet other people and chat, connect to Undernet, the IRC Network which this forum represents. Read to get there.

If you have other questions regarding this subject, feel free to ask here or join #Userguide (on Undernet IRC) and get live help.

Have fun!