Do you love Animals ?

here you can make posts that do not belong in other forums
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Do you love Animals ?

Post by Homer »

Do you love Animals ? if no, why ?
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Post by Eenie »

Oh, for Heaven's Sake! Is this really what the Undernet Forum is for? Silly topics like this?


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Post by lemuel »

i love animals especially dogs i have my chihuahua :wink:

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Post by Skello »

LordChris wrote:Do you love Animals ? if no, why ?
If yes, in what position ?! LOL

Kidding` , yeah i have two dogs and i generally like animals.

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Post by sirAndrew »

guess eenie doesn`t like animals! :) though she has a dog as far as i remember...!
To answer the topic, yes i like avatar is a tiger, my nickname at school is jerry, i had a cat which died....and i love dogs..
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Post by t0xicity »

i like animals..i have a dog :)
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Post by puterfixer »

This is one of the things you don't write on a CV/resume: I like animals/to travel/to read books/to listen to music/to go to the movies/to take walks/to go out and so on. Everybody likes to do these things. What's the point of this thread? I doubt anyone will post to say "I don't like animals" or "I like animals well done and laid on a plate with assorted vegetables and salad on the side" or "I like animals more than this stupid breed of homo sapiens".

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Post by mxxl »

I like animals well done and laid on a plate with assorted vegetables and salad on the side

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Post by sysc »

I don't like them.
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Post by Kiath »

I don't really like cats, when I stay more than a few mins with a cat, I gotta scratch my eyes like crazy and in 10 minutes they go like I was crying for 3 days... It sucks... And animals stink a little :) I once had a hamster, I heard you should not give them water or they die, and I wanted to try... So now I don't have any animals.

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Post by simba »

Let this be a small warning,

If anyone else is thinking of opening non IRC / Undernet topics such as this lame one dont.

Your username / IP will be suspended from the forum.

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