ircu server channel ops issue

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ircu server channel ops issue

Post by warrentr »

I have a ircd-ircu server running nicely on ubuntu server 10.04 32bit. I can successfully OPER with a user, but I cannot seem to grant myself ops in an existing channel. I try (where #test already has a user in it)(this is via telnet):

oper warren oper
:warren!warren@ MODE warren :+owsg
:localhost.localdomain 381 warren :You are now an IRC Operator
:localhost.localdomain NOTICE * :*** Notice -- warren (warren@ is now operator (O)
join #test
:warren!warren@ JOIN #test
:localhost.localdomain 353 warren = #test :warren @test_user
:localhost.localdomain 366 warren #test :End of /NAMES list.
mode #test +o warren
:localhost.localdomain 482 warren #test :You're not channel operator


I have set all permissions explicitly to yes in my 'Opers' Class section... Any ideas?

Thanks -warren

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