In loving memory of Dianne (DinTx / DinTn)

In Loving Memory
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In loving memory of Dianne (DinTx / DinTn)

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Please let's all share our thoughts and memories of Undernets longest serving member who passed away last night.

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My condolences goes to her family. You will be missed, Dianne.

Rest in Peace.

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Rest in Peace.

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condolences to her famaily and friends, R.I.P


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Di never liked these forums, and i guess it's fair to say she did not care what anyone thought about that, i don't use forums either as a general rule (for one reason or another), however since this page is a tribute to DinTn, i have decided to put a few words here.

I guess it's fair to say a lot of people did not like Di, but again she did not care about that, because in all walks of life you'll find that people who make decisions are never popular with everyone.

In my early days as a fresh faced oper on undernet, i guess it's also accurate to state, that i was not a great fan of DinTn either, newer opers may know what i mean, we would tread carefully around Di for fear of a blistering row, if we did something wrong.

As time progressed though i got to know DinTn and found her to be an extremely brave and honest woman, with an absolute passion for Undernet, i have never experienced such a passion, she absolutely lived and breathed the place.

I also was lucky enough to see the other side of Di, a side that very few of our userbase got to see, funny, sensitive, caring and a tremendous friend and mentor, she battled cancer yet always had a smile and absolutely loved having fun online, whenever i spoke to her.

DinTn made tremendous efforts to better the network, and was at the forefront of most of what i would describe as the key elements we now have in place that continue to make undernet a great free chat service, for people from all walks of life.

My sincerest condolences go out to her husband and family, that said if they are half as strong as Dianne was, i'm sure they will come through this with as fond memories of Dianne that i have.

My only regret was i never got to meet her in real life, what a blast and a half that would have been. I will miss her sorely.

I guess in closing i should use her own favourite quit message.

Life is measured not by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

In fond memory


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rest in pace Dianne aKa DinTX


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rest in pace Dianne

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What happend, how she died?

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Condolences to her family RIP DinTx, say hello to bob and c00kie

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I won't quote Scott's post above, but it is extremely accurate :)

I have been around on undernet for probably around 12+ years now and an oper for maybe 10. As a user you might perceive opers as some special people with special powers. The reality is we are all no different from normal users and treat each other as you treat your own friends*. Di was a bit different though. She was a normal user, she was your normal type of oper, but she also was the glue for all these years and more that held the undernet, users, opers and cservice etc all together.

She seemed an incredibly scary person at first! But as the newbie oper - she still found the time to help me out, show me the rules and show me her vast experience.
It did not take me long to realise she was not a scary person at all. She worked damn hard and was a very friendly person with the best of intentions.

This is simply my way of saying how sorry I am to hear about Di passing away. I hope her family are coping okay.
She will be missed but not forgotten.


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[quote="DjChulo"]What happend, how she died?[/quote]

i don't think its the place to ask.

R.i.p. DinTn