IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

In Loving Memory
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Re: IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

Post by `EL_GABRIEL »

We have lost a memorable friend and mentor for many; We lost one of our most friendly admins, In memory of our dear BobsKC. :cry:

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Post by zapp »

Bob was a great person, a wonderful husband and father, a true friend and a motivating mentor. I had the honor of having such a true friend, of receiving his wise advices and guidance.

You will always remain in my heart.

Rest In Peace my Friend.

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Post by DiAs »

Rest in peace Bobs. And - i think - on everyone's behalf, thank you for being around us. :)

These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.
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Post by sony »

I've met Bob few years ago as a good man, always willing to help you in any problem you would have. An open person with whom you could discuss anything. And he was there if you ever needed his advice in any matter. A great friend, father and husband, that was Bob. No one ever did for me what he did for all of us, for Undernet.
You'll surely remain in our minds, our souls for ever Bob.
I know you're now in a better place, where is no pain, no tears.
Rest in peace my friend.

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Post by Bodoo »

Rest In Pace dear friend .

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Post by ErickM »

Hello, I'm Erick.

I really cannot add more than what RetiredGod said on his post, but I have to say this:

Robert you was one of the best man I've met. A great mentor to me, and I am glad I had and STILL have a friend like you, my friendship and care for you will always remain through the long years i will still be here.

I will miss you a lot, a lot.

May you rest in peace and buddy, what comforts me is that I will see you someday again.

See you soon buddy.

take care meanwhile.


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Post by Gaia »

It is hard to put down in words what to say - this has been expected for a long time, but seems impossible that it has now happened.
I remember bobs from way back when I was but a mere user of Undernet and he had purged a channel that I had access in - he took the time to argue with me about it for 45 mins - that was one of his main strengths I feel, he gave the time. Later on I worked with him in a number of ways and he was always the same, he gave the time FOR someone.
He worked tirelessly for Undernet but probably didn't consider it work, it was simply something that he enjoyed and believed in.

It is said that it is not what you take with you, but what you leave behind - he left a legacy that will continue.

Farewell bobs, you WILL be missed and in fact already are.


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Post by `EL_GABRIEL »


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Post by u2pop »

R.I.P Robert Aka BobsKC i will never forget you man and see you later never good bye.

Sleeping With Angels,
Living With God

Memories Will Comfort Until
We Meet Again

Always Loved And
Never Forgotten

Resting in Peace and
Joy for all Eternity

At rest in the arms of Jesus

There is no way to peace,
peace is the way

Peace is the deliberate adjustment
of my life to the will of God

Her heart was pure and filled with joy

She passed through glory's morning gate
and walked in paradise

You shall live in the hearts of those who loved you and
will thus never die or be forgotten

Resting in Peace and Joy for all Eternity

Our father who lived, laughed and loved us all now
sleeps eternally within our hearts forever more

To reach peace, teach peace
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Post by ReachMam »

When a person die and more a wonderful person as bob is gone forever from the life of one, one feel as if a part of the heart and soul out with this person, i had the honor to know him and i really know bob was a wonderful person and God has a very special place as it deserves, rest in peace bob, are my wishes.

My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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Post by KoGiTo »

Bob, you're in a better place now. We know that, you feel it. Thanks for all the advices you gave me.
I won't forget you.
Dubito Ergo Cogito , Cogito Ergo Sum !

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Post by Wyvvern »

Things like this are always hard to know where to start, or put into words. For around the past 17+ years, we'd gone from being a thorn in the other one's side to being as best friends as one can have online. I've got so many memories of working with him (or more properly, you, as I KNOW you're reading this, Bob),and the thing that stood out more than anything was your compassion and care for those you interacted with, and your total honesty on all things. You always put 150% into everything you did, even when it wasn't 'your day', that never seemed to affect your spirit or drive. One thing does stand out in memory; the day KC died, and how you talked to me about how it had affected you, and had left an un-fillable hole in your heart. Well, Bob-O, (to quote Dick B.), KC has been waiting patiently for you, and now you two are sitting on the bank of the river watching the world go by. Judy, if you read this, take a little comfort in this, that those 2 best friends are now re-united. Hugs to you and your family.

Robin (Wyvvern)

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Post by elfstone »

May his soul REST IN PEACE!

Undernet sure is a colder and emptier place now.

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Post by Eenie »

Just a small fish in a big sea [img][/img]

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Post by Huggins »

R.I.P, You will never be forgotton

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