IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

In Loving Memory
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Re: IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

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Sometimes life is unfair with us . May BobsKC Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace Bob. You was a great person and we will always remember you.

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May he rest in peace!

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He's been one of the best and i'll truly miss him for being what others couldn't. Bob have given the spark UnderNet needed while he served our community. You'll always be remembered, my friend.

My deepest condolences to his family.
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May rest him in peace; God bless his family in this hard moments :(

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Bob was a such great man, not just a teacher or a mentor but a great great fathere my deepest condolences to his family and friends bye sir Bob I will never forget you :( rest n peace sirT_T

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Try to apreciate someone when you have it right beside you , cause after that it`s almost impossible to get back the loved person, even after death

Rest in peace BobsKC, you`ll be missed
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[quote="FinalFantasy"] IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

Sir Bobskc is not just a teacher, a Mentor but a great father undernet have lost again a very important man :( my deepest condolences to his family and friends rest in peace sir bob and we will not forget you. you always stay in our hearts.


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Bob Arbuckle Eulogy

Hi, My name is Dick Berger, I'm proud to say Bob called me a good friend.

Today as we grieve for his family and their loss, I want to return some of the joy Bob brought us all throughout his days among us.
It is a joy that will continue to warm my heart and soul each time a memory of him comes to mind.

Bob had a strength of honor, commitment, and integrity that is rare to find. These qualities can only grow and prosper to their fullest when nurtured in a man by the love, support and devotion to him from his family and from him to them. Thus I must thank his wife Judy and the fine children they raised for giving him this character we all have come to cherish.
I know from conversations long into the night with Bob on irc at times both when he was at his lowest spirits and from times when at his highest that the solid rock of his family was his anchor and his strength.

I first came to know Bob on IRC when he came seeking help as newbie in a hostile online world. Bob was a fast learner and became eager to share his growing understanding of not just the technical tools of IRC but his gift of relating to people as individuals also. I was glad as a Senior CSC admin and network Oper to help him grow until he too became a member of these close knit and dedicated online helpers.

Bob had a talent and fondness for organization and continued to grow as a project leader in these organizations and helped shape the global network of millions of people that we served and shared our time with. Again, Bob's gift of dealing with people allowed him to meet each new person that came to him with a problem or even as a problem with the same respect and willingness to provide guidance and help as he did for anyone else, friend, foe, and stranger alike.

IRC quickly became one of Bob's great passions, eclipsed only by Judy their family. After he sold his business and retired this was even more true. Those were trying times for him and we often spoke long into the night of his hopes and fears, always with a readiness to stride into the future while at the same time buoyed by the strength of a long and loving history of support from his family and friends.

When I got to meet Bob and part of his family for the first time when they were in California, I was further reinforced in all of these impressions I had gotten while knowing him in the cyber world of IRC. These were not a false persona of that environment but came through even more so in person, both then and later when I met more of his family and friends at his home in Florida.

We do not know what lies ahead next on Bob's grand journey through time and space. Science can not answer those questions These are matters of faith for those of us Bob has left behind.
Science however can tell us some things that assure us that the passing of the body in this life is not a simple ending. Every atom in our bodies is replaced about every 7 years on average. So, the simple building blocks of what we are, physically, do not long endure but are completely done away with multiple times over our lives. Yet that which is "me" remains with a continuity of existence separate and apart from the physical matter of our body composition. So, science does tell us that the continuity of existence of self is separate from that of physical body. If this Continuity is not tied to the physical material of body during life, then there is no reason I can imagine that Continuity does not persist even after the physical body has stopped its renewal. Why would Continuity of Self be separate and apart from the physical before the passing of that physical body but not after?

I hope even those who do not rely on faith can take comfort from this lesson from science that Bob in all that which makes him the individual we know Continues in some way we can not know for now.And finally, So long as Bob remains in memory, he will continue, he will endure, he will still enrich our lives and thru that the lives of others.

Bob, The world is a bit colder and dimmer today without your warmth but we will all be warmed by your memories throughout the rest of the days of our lives.

Dick Berger,
mentor, friend

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Hard to believe that you are no longer with us ... A great man, I am very sorry about the bad news that I received... that I find it hard to express my feelings. And sorry that I have not had time to thank you for everything you did and what you taught me. Wherever you are ... I hope that you are much better and happy.
Rest in peace Bob.

Condolences to the family.

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R.I.P. BobsKC , I hope you're in a better place now

Condolences to his family.

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Rest in Peace my friend... we will meet again.
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rest in peace
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Rest In Pace BobsKC !! :cry:

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I didn't have the chance of knowing him more than I did during his life, I had chance to talk with him few times. I remember how modest and helpful he was towards everyone. Surely a great loss for undernet. May god rest his soul in peace.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.