IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

In Loving Memory
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IN LOVING MEMORY OF Robert "BobsKC" Arbuckle

Post by truenitos »

The greatest man I've ever met, Thanks for your kind words, advices, for your person, your help, you are really an example of a good friend, after 14 years talking to you , you guide me very well, THANKS for all... and see you later, this is NOT a good bye, REST IN PEACE.

...jonathan gabriel... a.k.a. Truenos

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Post by guvenn »

He was the greatest person.. But he left undernet with his broken heart.. I will never forget you Bob, I'll visit you in heaven.. Rest in peace.. Your son. Guven
with respectfully.. guven

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Post by HaRwEsTeR »

Rest in peace Robert "BobsKC" And See you later.
Forever Cool.

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Post by Revival »

Let's see what I would say about him, Hmm.. The first thing comes up to my mind is that he had ZERO arrogance againts to people /msges him. What so ever people bothers him about, he just tried his best to resolve the situations all the times. He were do care for the people, he were acting like a father cant stop himself to leave people spanks eachothers. I can't say one time I msg'd him and he didnt answer me or didn't bother to help me. He did listen everyone talking to him without consider how trustwhorty one they're or brings any discrimination, that is what might lead him to get him in trouble with the people time to time. Though he gave me some hell days to live... he did his best to help me always like we didnt live those hurts. I mean he has zero arrogance nor grudge...

BobsKC.. this name will never be removed in my mind!

I felt bad, I am sorry, Hope GOD bless him and help his family to be patient..

RIP man!

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Post by Gunnis »

Bob has come to an rest now..... his family are what im thinking of now... We lost a friend, kiddies are now safer...
sadly, God used his devine Admin power /die. he did it to ressurect him at his side as an angel....
May Robert's soul rest in peace //Gunnis aka Vladimir Luna

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Post by m3alem »

I`m sorry for bobskc (robert ) I didnt know him too much , I would like to add my heartfelt Condolences to all his family & friends, may his soul rest in peace . GOOD BYE :(

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Post by Lestad »

Many People have ask how did he die? Guys it does not matter how he died,for me more important is how he lived.I dont know you Bob so much but i have talk with you mаybe 2-3 times and all was cool.You are Good person and we all love you,you are now on better place .God Bless You Rest In Peace!.

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Post by mithrandir »

Truly a man of honor! You shall always be remembered, Bob. You've been a great person, even if we had some issues in the past. Probably the most correct official of this network, not taking into consideration anything else but the fact of being HONEST and FAIR. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten! You're in happier place now. Prayers and condoleances to your family.

The white wizard

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Post by toolz »

a great man he was, a very big loss this is..

rest in peace

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Post by aldofinu »

rest in peace :(

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Post by BlackSheeP »

Rest in peace Robert ! Words mean nothing now..

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Post by ahley »

RIP Bob. You were a great guy and friend to me on IRC no matter what you were there for me. You will be greatly missed!

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Post by ahley »

RIP Bob. You were a great guy and friend to me on IRC no matter what you were there for me. You will be greatly missed!

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Post by TxnerT »

May his soul rest in peace by God's side. May his family find strength and peace through God to cope with this pain.
Lets all keep in our hearts the vivid memories of that person ( Robert ) who was a true friend, mentor to most of us, our crying shoulders when we needed help, and that respectful and the most upright person Undernet has ever had and in my humble opinion will ever have.

To his family my condolences and rest assure he is right now in a better place where pain and suffering does not exist.
He is looking upon you all and his friends and its humbled with all we have been praying and caring for his person.
May God appoint him as a visiting angel so he can come down to this ungracious place we call earth and visit all of us and lets us know how good he feels.

I was one of his biggest headaches withing the org but he taught me things no one will ever do.
Nobody is going to fill those shoes he left behind and we will protect his memory no matter what and at what cost.

Let us remember that with Robert's journey to a better place, we have lost one of the few true and courageous people the world has ever met.

May your soul rest in peace my dear friend.
Visnu Gonzalez ( TxnerT )
Dont Quit. Quitters Are Loosers!

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Post by Bladerulz »

Simple words will never be enough to express my feelings, He was our friend, He was the greatest person.. You gave me so much help, advice, friendship, guidance. Everywhere will miss you. Just a thank you for being You, you will always have a place in my heart, I will never forget you and you will remain in my heart till the end of my life. GOD bless him, and rest in peace.

with Love,


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