Memories of Candyman

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Memories of Candyman

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Memories of a friend...

Long long ago, before kids, before worldly adventures, before university & leaving home & my first car & in the days of my teens...I was an IRC addict. A computer in my room was all I needed to spend way too long hours into the night chatting & playing & socializing. Way back in the day when I first connected online with friends, that's when I met Candyman.

Candyman was special to me. He taught me how to change my sign-off message, how to reclaim my nick using a split. I would look for him in his usual haunts when I thought he might be undercover. I seem to be touching on a memory of protection, or standing up for me. Night in shining armor or just my romantic tendencies creating memories where there are holes? I have a fierce recollection of long letters written, sharing stories & histories & experiences & processing our lives; the abundance of questions to explore in teens' experiences. I remember virtually nothing about Candyman- what was his real name? Did he even tell me? Where was he living? I don't know. For me these memories are much more inwardly focused - my own experience in having someone to confide in, someone to hear me, someone to look forward to seeing.

And now some 15-20 years later, a facebook connection with another acquaintance from IRC from those days has reintroduced me to those memories unvisited for so long - memories certain to go stale & forgotten in the aging wiring of my brain.

Do you remember Candyman? Neo? NeoNexus?