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Mailing lists

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- One of the busiest lists. In short, they answer in different languages and redirect e-mails to the appropriate lists.

- Report abusive channels

* Abusive channels: Botnets, Emechs, SDBots, DFGs, Hacked boxes, Spamming bots, Botlending, Pornography, Warez, Impersonation of official channels
* Simply copy/paste the logs you may have showing the abuse
* Solid abuse-proof required (IP's, /whois information, /msg X access #channel username)
* Don't attach or upload anything, as your request will not be taken into consideration
* We accept requests from any e-mail accounts

- Report abusive CService personnel

- Noreg information (former channel managers or the ones-to-be should e-mail for help)

Please note that you shall be informed about the acknowledgement of email received but it is not mandatory that you shall be informed about the actions taken. In case no email regarding consequences is sent, please do not insist to find out the result.

- Manager changes

* Revert back temp manager changes (information required, from the username's e-mail: username, verification question/answer, channel name, comments)

- E-mail changes

* If the e-mail in record doesn't exist anymore or it can't be accessed, get the form from, complete and send it to X@

- Join #usernames for detalied instructions

- Unsuspensions (including self-suspensions)

* From the username's e-mail account include the following: username, verification question/answer and explain your side of the story

- We don't take any reports from network guests, don't bother to e-mail

- Join #usernames for advices


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