asia-routing committee

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asia-routing committee

Post by bgw »

dharuma wrote:Will you guys consider a server from Japan ?

simba wrote:email and ask them.

Many Thanks

so i went over to services page, and no asia-routing committee. the names of these committees need to be changed or there sould be more commitiees, to include a good chunk of undernet population.

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Post by Stefano »

well, that is what i was thinking these days... well, there isnt a formal asia-routing committee, but as simba told you, email and state your problem. In fact, european/american routing-com are teams with different members, in order to avoid any missunderstandings... European team DOESNT involve into american´s team and neither american. Undernet routing-com might have no problem to link a server from japan.. ( if the box is fast & reliabe, why not?... ) but they just didnt create a specific team. So if they see that the server is fast, reliable etc.. they might make an exception and european routing-com ( for example ) might take care of it... BUT am not routing-com member :) these i said might be wrong. To avoid any missunderstandings, email ( IRC channel: #Routing-Com )
Stefano Sordini