Terms & Policies of using this forum.

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Terms & Policies of using this forum.

Post by Stefano »

I would like to inform all the users who visit this forum about some rules / policies we have. NOTE that the rules are written by the "How can we improve Undeenet" Moderation team and EXIST only for this forum!

1) You are suggested to post any reply at ONCE. If your post reply had been posted twice, moderators will notice it and remove the second one.

2) Any badwords/spams/invites + lame stuff are NOT ALLOWED! Topics/Replies with the above actions will be REMOVED. i.e. dont even try

3) Moderators have the right to LOCK any topic they think it doesnt fit to the Forum, without asking the author of that topic.

If you dont agree with these terms of use, we recommend you NOT to post any reply or topic.

"How can we improve Undernet" Moderation/Handling Team.