In loving memory of Dianne (DinTx / DinTn)

In Loving Memory

Re: In loving memory of Dianne (DinTx / DinTn)

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I've read some posts; one of them is really what I think Dianne will appreciate, anyway.
This is a very important remind for all her friends, known and unknown:

"She also was the glue for all these years and more that held the undernet, users, opers and cservice etc all together"

With deepest sympathy
Golf :(

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For Dianne, who held tight to the ideals and the truth, and strove always to make others live up to them. She kept the records and held the vision. She couldn't quit, working until her last breath for the Undernet we hold dear. She told me: "No one is indispensable." People have expressed concern that without DinTn at it's heart, Undernet could fall apart. My prayer for her IRL family and for Undernet, is that we will endeavor to keep the vision she cherished. May God bless Undernet.


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May her soul rest in peace

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R.I.P Dianne, UnderNet will miss you dearly, that I am sure.


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Condolences to her family R.I.P DinTx :|


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I remember our long conversations when I had Toronto* and SanJose* servers... rest in peace, Diane..

Don aka DeeCee

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Rest in peace Dianne.

- nocturnal / andrew

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rest in peace...condolence to family and friends...


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My condolences goes to her family. You will be missed, Dianne.


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