[ APPLICATION ] Symbian 9.1 Irc Client.

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[ APPLICATION ] Symbian 9.1 Irc Client.

Post by SIRavecavecCZ »

For those who need a good irc client for symbian phones WirelessIrc :inlove: is the Best one.
Can be downloaded from this link. http://www.sharemobile.ro/file.php?id=216632 This version is just for Symbian 9.1 :inlove: phones and better. Also requires an internet tarif plan for get the linklayer connected.

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Post by leendara »

What is Symbian OS 9? i know that is for smartphones but what differs it from a normal phone? can it use word or excel?

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Post by varenesha »

What is the advantage and disadvantage of symbian OS? I am looking at what is the disadvantage of this symbian OS. Any OS, I can easily identify the design issues. But i am yet to find one in this OS. Anybody has an opinion ?