Forum problem - language change

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Forum problem - language change

Post by SilverSword »

I've resetted today my password the 4th time, tough it was correct in all this times. :classic:
The problem of login appears when I try to log into the forum and the page starts changing the default language in albanian, turkish or italian.
The change of that, back to english returns to default in 24 hours or so :-?
When in albanian, the forum doesn't accept password and login.
If there could be a button up there, a button you could implement to change it back to english it would be great.
Maybe there are other users that had the same problem. It doesn't bother me too much, I'm not an active user of the forum, but it's annoying.
Congratulations for the rest of the forum, and for your care.

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Post by undermaster »

curious, the same happens to me time to time...I find the forum in turkish language, and more languages....what about?