That is abuse by a IRC Operator

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That is abuse by a IRC Operator

Post by TheDawn »

<Sir^POMOL> wtf ?
<TheDawn_> hi
<TheDawn_> what?
<Sir^POMOL> why u joined my channel ?
<TheDawn_> what channel ?
<TheDawn_> #help is your channel ?
<TheDawn_> i joined to #help for the website
<TheDawn_> but is not put in the topic and is close
<Sir^POMOL> [13:55] *** Joins: TheDawn_ (
<Sir^POMOL> [13:55] *** Parts: TheDawn_ (
<TheDawn_> i thnik
<TheDawn_> lol
<Sir^POMOL> lol what ?
<TheDawn_> where?
<TheDawn_> #arlington?
<Sir^POMOL> you know well, kid
<TheDawn_> kid?
<Sir^POMOL> Why the hell you joined where NODODY invited you
<TheDawn_> hihihih
<TheDawn_> i like to auto-invited myseldf
<TheDawn_> i like to auto-invited myself
<TheDawn_> dont worry bro
<TheDawn_> is a chat , not a life
<TheDawn_> :>
<Sir^POMOL> stupid lamers!
<TheDawn_> -> *x* invite #arlington
<TheDawn_> * X invites you to join #arlington
<TheDawn_> #ircfun
<TheDawn_> is my channel
<TheDawn_> dont join
<TheDawn_> ;)

And he start to following me in all my channels when i am online.

* Sir^POMOL has joined #RadioSB
* Sir^POMOL has left #RadioSB
* Sir^POMOL has joined #Genius
* Sir^POMOL has left #Genius
<TheDawn_> Ingerashu
<TheDawn_> arata-mi unde vazusi ca intra POMOL
<Ingerashu> Da
<TheDawn_> atunci pe canal
<Ingerashu> [22:02] *** Joins: Sir^POMOL (
<Ingerashu> [22:02] *** Parts: Sir^POMOL (
* You were killed by (* (do not spam channels please))
Closing Link: TheDawn_ by (Killed (* (do not spam channels please)))
* Disconnected

Next when i am connected to already mirc chat. Sorry for my bad english :)

<TheDawn_> show me the proof
<TheDawn_> for that "kill"
<TheDawn_> oke ?
<TheDawn_> dont hello with me man
<TheDawn_> you understand?
<Sir^POMOL> [17:06] ••• You were invited to #ircfun by TheDawn_ (channel mode +tn)
<Sir^POMOL> spam isnt allowed in this network
<Sir^POMOL> and will be NOT tolerated
<TheDawn_> spam ?
<Sir^POMOL> use this network for chat, not for spam
<TheDawn_> i invite you on my channel
<TheDawn_> yea
<TheDawn_> what spam
<Sir^POMOL> this is spam ´your´ channel
<TheDawn_> i dont tell in your private : hey click on this wbesite
<TheDawn_> ok#?
<Sir^POMOL> you invite your friends, not who u dont know
<TheDawn_> i know you
<TheDawn_> you`are so bastard
<TheDawn_> and hello brasilian
<TheDawn_> and dont hello with me
<TheDawn_> i am a man
<TheDawn_> same you too
<TheDawn_> youre a man
<TheDawn_> yea?
<Sir^POMOL> dont harras or you will be banned from this network
<TheDawn_> yea?
<TheDawn_> what ?
<TheDawn_> its a private this network?
<TheDawn_> next time when you come in my private i swearing you ...
<TheDawn_> oke ?
<TheDawn_> and i hello you
<TheDawn_> man
<TheDawn_> you understand?
<TheDawn_> and dont say : "kid" to me
<TheDawn_> ok?
<TheDawn_> thank you
<TheDawn_> have a nice day
<TheDawn_> or .. night
<TheDawn_> wait

And i swear that man online time when he call on my private and disturb.

Thx, enjoy!
The Dawn

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Post by Revival »


You can invite only your friends to your channel otherwise it means *spam*

The other things if you think abuse e-mail (for oper abuse)

King regards,

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Post by stefys »

That doesn't look like abuse to me, inviting people you don't know to your own channel is considered spam, but I didn't understand why he pm-ed you at the beginning :o

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Post by xplora »


I hate to say it, but your own logs prove you got what you deserved. :(


Because TheDawn joined a private channel, to which TheDawn was at least polite enough not to state that channels name. (I know the channel in question, I'm a regular of it ;)
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Post by undermaster »

xplora you're one of the best señor admins in undernet, which I respect too much...but in the logs is shown only the truth..sir^POMOL is known by his rude/bad attitude with join his channel by chance or dont, you get killed, or you get banned years in channels he has access in, or follows you everywhere...
This IRCop or what is he, is one of the known abuser in undernet...using his position as an IRCop doesn't mean we have to do all what he to the mail this one serve for nothing..with my experience..if you report abuse of an IRCop you get more enemies from IRCops...etc no need to explain more...
anyways, thedawn this is IRC, and its undernet, which have RULES which all have to respect and rules which only some of us must have to do what he says...or you will be killed again..and maybe your USERname will be suspended...
Good luck - I wish the problem will be solved

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Post by Stefanoo »

maybe he didnt really abuse this time, but he provoqued the guy, whom friendly wise invited him to his room.. if pomol didnt query him to yell at him.. he wouldnt have invited him i guess...

but pomol is a weirdo.. agressive too.. im not the kind of guy that talks in people backs so i will say what iv seen publicly.

iv witnissed him abusing several times. as i have reported him twice.

besides i wont say official's people nicknames who pushed me to report him, due his lame behavior.

he is good at insulting cservice staff in back channels specialy at sammy :)

once.. like two years ago.. a guy was like beggigng for help in #arlington for like 8 hours going and coming.. he sound like a newbie he just wanted to reop himself in a room where he he lost op..
while no one helped him.. i told him to ask in #zt .. for so i got baned in #arlington by pomol and hello as lamer. (intresting)
then he pvt me why u sent him to other competitive helping channel.. damn.. (no comment)

2 years after.. (christmas 2006) i was oped or voiced in #christmas i dont recall, sir pomol joined and within fraction of seconds his script auto hello me from the room.

I came back from the kitchen i found myself baned. why? where? how? because? hell i wouldnt know..


Nothing personal pomol, i dont know you, you nor know me, but these are facts. you stincks as oper. and im not the first nor the last to say it.

(sorry guys if my post was outplaced)
Stefano @

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Post by TheDawn »


Ohh, damn god!
I am so sorry for that post but that guy who called IRC Operator is very agressive with the users.

I understand but why he joined to all my channels ? for what ... for looking around the girls or wtf?
I dont belive ... this is a "spam" to invite someone to your own channel :)

I invited Pomol to my channel, after him joined to thats channel : #RadioSB, #Genius, #caracal.

I think this is an abuse, but Pomol is a member of undernet , manager of #arlington and oper of an server and nobody cant resolve that problem.

No problem, i resolve myself :)

Best regards and sowwy :)
The Dawn

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Post by TheDawn »

btw Stefanoo , me too.

1 year ago i am joined to #christmas and pomol see me to channel and after 5 mins he banned me with reason "lamer" :)

The Dawn

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Post by Revival »


Alright, let`s take that abuse case as an example.. Even a regular channel manager would react in the same way, how could you just join the channel that you have not been given the invitation to. Whats your purpose? Questions and so on...I suppose you must explain the problem in polite way since the person is an official here.
It is quite obvious that " TheDawn " did not behave in the right way. Besides, played with it..

I regret to inform you that, It is one of their duty that they check upon the channels and analyze who you are/and what are you doing on.hope you do not hide different meanings in bad sense under the words like " Hello " and be aware that you do not have the right to have a word in such ways with them.
Because Pomol may not be able to be as patient as the other ones...

Its part of server`s /motd No Flood or spam will be tolerated at any time
You must also agree to comply with any additional guidelines on the MOTD of the server to which you are connected.
For more infos about the Undernet acceptable use policy click on

What is the difference between /msg Sir^Pomol Hey join my #channel, and /invite Sir^pomol #YOur-channel ,You making spam to Ircop,never tolerated.

Also If you`re own a registered channel or OP for a registered channel (#caracal) that channel will be tagged or purged by cservice If Sir^pomol wish to report you
IT`s part of Reg Aup *You are responsible for your Channel Ops whether you are online or not. Please be careful who you give access to. Abuse by your channel ops, whether you are there or not, can result in X being removed from the channel*
For more infos about the Registration acceptable use policy click on

Repeating,1. report it to,they analyse the situation, they will try to find out what the problem is..

2.You handle it yourself, you have a discussion with the Ircop in question yourself, you risk to get glined\klined and look arrogant, miss-respectful...etc

You have showed a non tolerated attitude to an Ircop and you tried to fix a problem yourself.You cannot fix such situations so in your place, i would have chose the option 1 and let handle

King Regards,

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Post by TheDawn »


Revival, thank you for your cooperation but I dont need your "ideas" , thanks again and dont be an a$$kisser, ok ?

You want to be important to this forum? And after Pomol see that topic you joined to #arlington and you think immediatly Pomol get you OP.

uhhh, lammeness

Sorry .
The Dawn

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Post by Revival »


I bet your brain doesnt work with your fingers in the sametime
Im banned from #arlington since long time and I dont think I will join again that ban doesnt shown on X but its on arl bot..

That`s why I stated :Because Pomol may not be able to be as patient as the other ones...

If you dont need something\advices...then Keep these all in your a$$ dont put it out.. Without call Abuse!!!!!!! abuse!!! enjoy :}

I respect to people who deserves to be respected...

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Post by TheDawn »

Ok, i am sorry but dont show me thats websites and all bullshits.

The Dawn

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Post by Etherfast »

Warning #1 for offensive words within your posts, TheDawn.

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Post by TheDawn »

Ok Mr Bogdan, I am so sowwy :>

The Dawn

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Post by Nice|GuY »

I don't understand why are you even talking to Pomol when you say he is this, he is that. If you don't like him than don't private him, I don't see the problem. Trust me if you ignore someone you will get back an ignore. Don't challenge people and you won't get challenged, that's how it is.