Ask questions about Undernet's Channel Service
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we are spend much time here. we have pains here. but where is the problem. whats the privilidy mean? what changed at undernet. what is privilidy mean now. ok i am tired about all undernet problems. i will think again about my another acces. this means are "empty work" what i made in 7 years here. Tired Don Quichottes
also last warning to you. if this channel was a romanian channel. how be privilidy. especialy last 1 year changed too much here.
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I don't really understand what you mean, nor this post is related to Channel Service. :roll:
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Since your previous post got locked, this means you did something wrong. Go figure out what exactly.
You are not in the position to blame anyone for not tagging your channel when it should have been purged already when he was away.