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Search feature on form

Post by SomeUsername »

I am an old visitor of this forum but for about 1 year and half the is NOT working anymore.

Test it yourself, try to search a string and display one topic which contains it. I had more luck with google searches on this forum


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Post by Spidel »

it is working fine for me, probably you experience problemes with your browser.
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Post by Etherfast »

Hello, SomeUsername

Please provide some more info.
Does the page load? Does it not?
What are the exact words you're searching for?

I've tried some searches, even irrelevant ones and they seem to work perfectly.

Awaiting your feedback,

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Post by sirAndrew »

As soon as my free time permits it, i`ll write a tutorial about using the Search feature on the forum. I`ve been wanting to do it for a long while but i`m been busy.

The page works, there`s no errors on the page, but the search function is kinda tricky, if you are looking for exact result some steps have to be followed.
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Post by Etherfast »

The search function contains the so-called 'stopwords'. They're regular words that if used within a search, would eat up the system's resources. These are common words like Undernet, username, etc.

If all you're getting is a blank page, it's because you're probably attempting to search for a common word that wasn't defined as a stopword yet.

The Search function permits operands aswell, for example

Bad search:


Good search:

Channel AND Service

When else fails, you can always try google, as this website is indexed by search engines.
Just search for "your-keywords"

Hope this helps,