How long have you been using the IRC?

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thanx for comment but its not joke or lie
i cant say a date but i am sure we were connecting from an internet cafe to because there was no servers.ini in mirc.whatever it isn't important so much but i am sure of that as my name..

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:roll: Since 1997 and was an abuser/lamer/etc. :bandit:

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since 1999 and I use only undernet (I dont know why :P)

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Since 2000, but 'till like 2001/2002 I was a total noob.
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i`ve been using it since 2000 but i was just a chatter in the beginning...then my knowledge 'evolved' a little bit and got to know other stuff related to IRC :)
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Same HvyMetal hehe since 1996 but had my first registered username 1997, been nice days :(
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i joined in december 99 , but my First user in 2000 :P .I`m not OLD , 6 years...
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Hello , i'm connecting to in 2000 January 6 , i remember ;)
and my first username i register in April 2000 .

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Uhm.. I've been using IRC for maybe a year and three months? I only joined UnderNet about.. 6 months ago(and I'm no n00b. :devious:) , CrayonMan(John) got me to come over. :P The original network I started on was called DamDevil.. Had about 30 users.. It's gone now, though. ;(
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to all those that have been saying first username and a date that predates Feb/March/April 2001, note that wasn't possible, I can accept you mean first X/W access, but X/W weren't combined and upgraded to the current username based system until 2001.
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joined undernet during 2002, made a channel the very next day after i joined IRC and got it massbanned after i managed to get 30 people. Didn't give up! made another again, after two months of fighting for the channel with the lamers Cservice accepted it. Quit IRC during 2006 and now i am back again, but not much in IRC, mostly hang around in forums.
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I've been on IRC for about 12 years now on different nets. Started on Efnet then dalNet and have been on Undernet for about the last 8 years or so.

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1997-1998 - Undernet & Dalnet the good time hehe :cry: Unet FTW:D

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Since 98' on another servers,first I joined to Undernet in Dec 2001.