BOT on channel, or someone who won't vacate so we can get op

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BOT on channel, or someone who won't vacate so we can get op

Post by lightmeup »

A friend of mine started a channel and gave me co-ops on it. We lost signal through a net-split or something similar and when we got there was someone or a bot camped out on it. Has been asked repeadly to vacate but won't. Is there somehting that can be done about this? When we lost signal, the person/bot was there and we can't get ops back.

The channel is #KelliK

Kelli_Kanyon is op along with me LightMeUp
Any help will be appreciated

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Post by Etherfast »

Hey. If you guys (the regular ops) have registered CService usernames, and the channel is more than a few days old, would you please join #zt so we can attempt to fix the channel takeover?

If you don't have CService usernames, or the channel is less than two days old, please join the same channel, but please have logs handy that you were a reular op in the channel.

We will revert the takeover with the help of Chanfix (, so the channel will be opless, until the regular users will join and they'll get auto-opped. For any help, please read the site above, or feel free to visit us in #zt.

Good luck :)