I need help!

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I need help!

Post by JA_CyM_3AKOH »

Hello guys!
I have been on mIRC almost one year and I want to register my channel!!!
But there is a problem.I can`t think of a name for it.
So... are there any ideas? :satisfied:
Thank U!!!

P.S. My English is a little poor so sorry for the mistakes!!!

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Post by Eenie »

A channel's name should reflect the reason for the channel or the people in it, or the general feeling you want people to experience while in it. Maybe this will give you some ideas.

Just my 2 cents,
Eenie ;-)

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Post by JA_CyM_3AKOH »

hey Eenie,
thank U for the idea.
I apriciate it!!!

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Post by sirAndrew »

How about something you like, a some trademark you like, or something related to one of your online or real-life passions...A channel should be the place where you chill out with your friends, where you feel like home...the name is not quite so relevant as long as tou have fun...
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Post by JA_CyM_3AKOH »

Thanks for the tip!!! :satisfied: JA_CyM_3AKOH

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Post by GeStaPo »

Abe stavi si ime na kanalot, dokolku ti treba za da pomagas dodadi vo imeto *help* i prasaj gi suporterite na kanalot za imeto !!!

On English:
Put name of the channel of your idea because that gonna be your channel, if you think to help people with that channel put name *help* in channel name, or ask supporters or your friends about channel name !!!
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Post by jasee »

Or how about reading the Channel Service AUP for a change. The Channel Service Bot X is provided in order to maintain stability in a well established channel. Once you get a channel which needs the services provided by the Channel Service Bot, start thinking about applying for registration. Until then, I see no reason why your non-existing channel would require the services of the bot.
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Post by simba »

Also the Forum AUP states that English is mandatory.

So no more of that language what you typed before, English is the only language on this forum apart from certain sections in the 'General Posts' Forum.