Confused and frustrated in NYC

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Confused and frustrated in NYC

Post by oldnewbie »

What has happened to the Undernet????

I used to get on Undernet six or seven years ago. I was very active. I hosted a guitar oriented channel; I frequented many generic or geographic channels. I had some very interesting on line friendships with people in “taverns” and “pubs” and “cafes”.

So now I decide to come back to chatting on IRC. First off I find only five US servers listed on the Undernet home page. One of them, Sterling VA seems to be gone. And then I find I cannot join any of the others.

One says “no drones”. Even though I do not know what a drone is, I know I am not one.

The others say that my IP address has been blocked because of “too many open hosts used for abuse.” I use Road Runner Cable. It is the only cable available in New York City. So the only US servers block my IP address?

They say contact your ISP. Well what good is that going to do? Time Warner Corporation is going do exactly nothing.

You ban 1 million people because of a few idiots??? ONE MILLION people used my ISP so you ban all of us? And what exactly is this abuse you talk about?

And so I am delegated to lagged severs in Europe. But many of them say I have to “run identd”. But I have identity on. Some servers check it and find it without any problem.

So I am confused and a little frustrated.

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Post by OUTsider »

Yeah, it must have been a shok for you seeing undernet becoming like this in those 6 years.
A lot has changed, and believe me, if certain persons on this network don't change their attitude, it's only going to get worse.
These days admins hide behind a stubborn and useless policy which they think will solve the problem but won't. Bureaucracy is all over the network. A lot of opers and admins are scared to do their tasks in the way they used to do it or no longer even exist on the network.

All together I'd say, gimme back the undernet like it was 6 years ago.
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Post by Mitko »

oldnewbie, drone is a bot running on compromised (hacked) machine.

About the situation, yes we all hate it. Believe or not 50% of the users connected to Undernet are bots. The real people get glined, all the chatters get glined, except the drone runners ( lifeless kids calling themself "hackers" ) and their drones (bots). So, if you are a normal person, neah you cannot connect to Undernet, or if you connect you will get killed/glined or klined by "mistake", BUT if you are a drone then you are welcome on Undernet! Yeah, everything is changed in few years.

And yes, Indeed. If some persons don't change their attitude Undernet will really went UNDERnet.
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Post by Chiklis »

They should really name the network to UndetAttack then UnderNet.

Who don't want to old Undernet back? you was able to run with your IP without anyone touches you, now, show the IP and get Dossed.

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Post by Gustavus »

I'm right there with you, oldnewbie. I used to be an IRC regular years ago. I dropped it for other pursuits and recently decided to come back. Imagine my surprise when I find I'm often k-lined with a cryptic "drones" message.

Oh, well.. back to networks that have joined the 21st century.

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Post by xplora »

The problem is the undernet admins are not the worst offenders at not doing enough to stop dossers and other internet abusers. Internet Service Providers are, just like you said Time-Warner wont do anything about it, that is pretty much the same attitude you get from most Internet Service Providers out there. It is the same reason why spammers are so prevelent. Mail Server admins are being forced to do the same thing as Undernet admins, unable to get a result by mailing the offending ISP, they are forced to block them instead.

All ISP's need to wake up and start acting on complaints of things like spam and DoS from people outside of there networks, or they will find that everyone will be blocking everyone and the internet will become useless.