The night of forgiveness - Berat Kandili - Laylat ul Berat

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The night of forgiveness - Berat Kandili - Laylat ul Berat

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The five holy evenings on the Muslim calendar are called Kandil. During the Ottoman Empire Sultan Selim II of 16th century lit candles on the minarets of the mosques in order to announce these holy nights to the public. Since this calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the earth the dates of the Kandils differ every year.

Mevlid Kandili - The birth of Prophet Mohammad (May 1, 2004)
Regaip Kandili – The beginning of the pregnancy of Prophet Mohammad’s mother (August 19, 2004)
Miraç Kandili – Prophet Mohammad’s rising to sky (September 11, 2004)
Berat Kandili – The forgiveness of the sins (September 29, 2004) (TODAY)
Kadir Gecesi – The Koran’s first appearance to Prophet Mohammad (November 9, 2004)

These nights Muslims usually worship and sing Mevlit, a poem written for the birth of Prophet Mohammad. Kandils were holy days when young members visited the older members of the family, however today the Kandil greetings are made with phone calls. Some restaurants serving alcoholic beverages may be closed at Kandils. Most of the pastry shops and bakery sell Kandil Simidi (special small crispy bread ring strewn with or without sesame seeds). In some apartments the neighbors hand out helva (a special Turkish dessert made of semolina or flour) or lokma tatlısı (again a special Turkish dessert made of fried dough with syrup).

I would like to wish happy holy days to everyone and hope Allah forgives your sins and regrets.


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Nice story, thanks for sharing it. It would be great to hear more ... in my religion people are SO much different than in yours.
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Bunlar hayatta adam olmaz baksana güzel hikaye diyor :)
Ýmana, hidayete kolay ermez bunlar