Here's how to improve it

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Here's how to improve it

Post by BuckeyeGal »

Start requiring mods to be at least a little bit mature. I went into a political discussion, listened to some good points, made a couple of my own, asked a question, got an answer, and then challenged the answer because it didn't make any sense. The person who'd made that answer proceeded to insult me and be rude, and then summarily banned me. I'd been in that channel about a half an hour and it was the first time I'd ever been there. If getting banned the first time you disagree with someone that is on-topic, even if that person is a mod... if that's how Undernet works, then what a waste of time.

Is this really how it's supposed to be? That's a serious question, by the way.

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Post by Eenie »

You need to understand how IRC works. Ops in an IRC channel are the owners of the channel (like owners of a house.) They determine what is allowed there. You are merely visiting their channel (or house.) If they do not want you in their channel (house,) then they have every right to ask you to leave or make you leave. (We call them ops, not mods ...and they can ban for any or NO reason on IRC channels, just as your neighbor can ask you to leave his house if he does not like you or does not want you there.)

If you do not like how a channel is run, create your own or go to other channels where you are more welcome.

Your issue has nothing to do with Undernet, rather than it has to do with IRC in general.

Hope this helps.

Eenie ;-)
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Post by xplora »

it should be noted, that Undernet doesn't even get to decide who those ops are, the channel itself does, by them being the first to join the empty channel, an existing op opping them, or a service opping (usually a bot that looks like another user which is managed by one of the ops in the channel and supplied by either one of the users, or Undernet's Channel Services Committee (X)). In the end the complaint can only go to the ops of the channel in question. :(
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