maxban with or without X

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maxban with or without X

Post by gemeau50 »

How many times have we seen a demand to increase maxban and seen the automatic reply “… use X … 300 bans … bans limit 345.

If I ban 45 users normally and then used command “mode channel b”, I’ll get a listing of these 45 bans. I went on a channel where they are using X to ban users. There were 55 bans done by X. Using command “mode channel b”, I got a listing of those 55 bans. This makes me believe that all bans are stored the same way in the Undernet server. Therefore, there must be a provision in IRCU to allow more than 45 bans if X is involved.

I’m lead to believe that the maximum of 345 bans is granted to any channel register to X. Then, what could be the impact to the server of granting that maximum to any channel register to X regardless of the origin of the ban?