Sugestion - Alternative

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Sugestion - Alternative

Post by Re_LoaD »

I have pondered for hours and came with this ideea.
Why don't u use an online queueing system made in what server side language you like for help with this matter it would be much more efecient
and you'll prevent over crowding the channel in the rush hours.Although more helpers will be needed.

Think about it and tell me what you think.
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Post by Stefano »

Well, that's why in Undernet every RESPECTFUL help channel has its exclusivity.

#CService - ONLY for X(bot) Issues
#Help - General Help by experienced helpers.
#zT , #nastrand , #arlington , #operhelp - For Modes, Reoping channels, Anti-Abuse.
#vh , #dmsetup - Virus Removal Channels
the forum! Several topics for each committee.
Also, there is google! :)

Best Rgds
Stefano Sordini

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Post by Bay »

And #UserGuide

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Post by K8oard »

Btw, Stefano,. #Nastrand it doesn`t deal with any of those anti-abuse stuff, the #Nastrand Operators including helpers/IRCops/trainnes they always ask any user to E-mail to and ask in there for any informations about anything like G:lines, K:lines and as about complaining about floodnets, they don`t do those... also they use to ask users to E-mail to the same E-mail adress or even
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